Sunday, October 7, 2012


There are Standing Orders which all public officers have to abide with when executing their day to day duties. If the Auditor General is not convinced with the explanation by a public officer, the matter should cease to be referred to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), instead it should be handed over to the IGG. Once funds have been embezzled, the PAC has nothing much to do. A case is straight forward and should be handled by the IGG. It is also not clear why Government keeps spending money without the initial intervention by the Auditor General. It does not make sense to tell the public that money was lost when the money could have been saved if the AG had intervened before the spending of the money. The Parliament of Uganda should make it a point that all public funds are spent only after the Auditor General has made the intervention to ensure that all logistics required are undertaken before public funds are left to the seasoned thieves. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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