Friday, October 5, 2012


Kirumira in Court
The way Kirumira got money gives a clue on how some people get money from Government .------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kirumira money returned to Kiruhura
Kampala tycoon Godfrey Kirumira has reportedly returned to the Kiruhura district bank account the Shs 190m that he had allegedly fraudulently obtained. Kirumira, managing director of Bargery Trading Company, was yesterday questioned by police for diverting the district’s unused money unto his account at Bank of Baroda. The tycoon collapsed under police questioning, and failed to complete or sign his statement. Police sources say that even before reporting back to Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) headquarters at Kibuli, Kampala, today morning, Kirumira had already deposited all the Shs 190m back to where it belonged. “It seems he either deposited the money at night or early morning because it was already there before he came to complete his statement in morning”, said a police source. However, sources say police will press ahead with their investigations. Detectives were also planning to question Bank of Baroda staff who facilitated the earlier money transfer. It is not clear how the money ended up on Kirumira’s account. Yesterday, CID boss Grace Akullo said: “Kirumira diverted this money, which was unused in development projects for the last financial year in Kiruhura district, onto his account and he started withdrawing it in installments of Shs 125m, Shs 60m and Shs 5m.” -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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