Monday, December 26, 2011


Some organizations have a problem with making annual reports, the major reason why this may be so is that these organizations don’t make monthly reports; or even weekly reports. When these reports are in place, an annual report just summarizes the salient areas of performance in a year and the document is at hand. If an organization can have departmental reports together with photo images of activities, I don’t see how making an annual report can be a headache. NGO’s in Uganda are required to submit reports prior to re-knewing their certificates, I see the good side of this being that it makes the NGO to seriously document what has gone on in the year of operation, in fact time is ripe for organizations in Uganda to change their financial year to move in line with the Government’s Fiscal year. To better understand what has gone on the country in a financial year, it is best to incorporate the non government sector as it is a serious player in the country’s development process. With time, the Civil Society Organizations should be required to submit a summary of their operations in a year to Government so that they are incorporated into the development activities of the country in a given fiscal year.

William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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