Wednesday, December 28, 2011


What the people would like to see is not politics but service delivery in Kampala. The coming of Muluri Mukasa in Kampala should not see increase in politics of differences between the Movement and the opposition parties, but the addressing of issues which make Kampala unfit to continue with the status of a capital city for Uganda. To understand Kampala well, one needs to go around after it has rained. It is a big shame. 2ndly, there is the problem of awarding contracts to companies which have a repute in being politically connected but not in serving the people. If a company is entrusted with collecting revenues on grounds that an agreed amount is expected, it is a disservice to the people who use Kampala facilities to see the revenue collectors instead diverting the revenue to other use as the city is starved. It is illogical to keep such companies running contracts. The same goes to those that are good at delivering subp-standard work. Uganda MUST graduate from a lousy country given the selfish interests of some political players.
Hope Muluri will make a difference.
William Kituuka

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