Monday, August 13, 2012


12th August 2012 The Council LC III Ssisa Sub – County Ssisa Dear Councilors, RE: DUMPING OF GARBAGE AT KAJJANSI TRADING CENTRE Garbage is no mean issue at kajjansi Trading Center. As the situation stands it may be a matter for Ssisa Sub-County Council to come up with away forward given the garbage dumping as indicated in the photo. It should be possible to get a dumping site such that all the garbage sources contribute money to see their garbage taken to a right place. Surely, the place cannot keep with the current arrangement where garbage is dumped at a wrong place. The LC I’s may not do much given that they currently have no mandate in actual fact and may not easily enforce anything if it is not the LC III Council that decided on it. You will appreciate I have a lot of concern regarding developments in the area. The stone work on the drainage near Kitende S. School was after I reached out to UNRA, and they responded positively given the gulley that had developed. Thank you. William Kituuka - Chairman (GOGOP)

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