Sunday, August 19, 2012


THE DPP MR RICHARD BUTERA Source: DPP Magazine – Volume 1, Issue 4, 2011/2012 BUDGET CONSTRAINTS The cardinal challenge is inadequate resources to implement activities as planned. The total value of unfunded/underfunded activities under the Assistance to Prosecutions Project for the financial year 2010/2011 amounted to Shs 996,376,600 PROSECUTION CASE MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM As the case load increases, there is growing inadequate capacity for secure storage and fast retrieval of case file information. To address this issue, a robust and reliable Data Center and Prosecution Case Management Information System (PROCAMIS) is essential. In addition, well stocked mini-libraries/documentation centers and secure mini-registries need to be established at the proximity of the various field offices for easy access to reference materials. IMPROVING ACCESS TO JUSTICE The DPP has not sufficiently extended services to all over the country. So far, out of the required 86 office stations, the DPP owns only 28, leaving a yawning gap of 58 to cover the rest of the country. Equally, there is need to have transport logistics for upcountry field offices to enable staff effectively carry out their duties. PROFESSIONALIZATION OF PROSECUTION SERVICES The DPP has inadequate staff technical capacity to handle emerging and changing forms of crime such as cyber crime, environmental crimes, drug and human trafficking, money laundering, corruption, terrorism, war crimes and crimes against humanity. This situation calls for specialized training programmes for staff in order to handle such cases. COORDINATING AND MONITORING As the number of field offices and staff increases, there is need to strengthen coordination, supervision, communication and information technology, inspectorate and quality assurance functions to ensure their effective and efficient management. These activities are underfunded and therefore require more resources. STAFF REMUNERATION Insufficient remuneration for staff will continue to impede the DPP from effectively executing its mandate.

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