Saturday, August 18, 2012


It is not news as was recently said that Uganda is in bad debt to a number of bodies/organizations it is affiliated to. To learn that billions of Uganda shillings have been accumulated and remain unpaid does not show good management. It is common knowledge that the Government Ministries and Departments are badly in debt, and unfortunate, inspite of such developments to learn that the Minister of Local Government can ‘smartly’ come to address the parliament that they have the billions to see new districts started for the so-called service delivery to the people, which is a myth. The unfortunate thing about the NRM infrastructure is how they are unwilling to listen to technical advice as long as they want to push through their thing. This is at the heart of sinking the country that would otherwise be the Pearl of Africa. For better financial management, the collections to the Treasury should be credited to the various accounts, for Ministries and other bodies in terms of percentages. And expenditures should be made accordingly depending on the availability of funds on the said accounts. This makes it possible to ensure that all areas of government are catered for. It is absurd to learn for example that Government failure to pay water bills will be responsible to get National Water and Sewerage Corporation collapse! There is no good leadership without discipline in financial management. The above are proposals which Government may take up or ignore, but the fact is that we have tried our level best to help the technical people better manage the economy which is in a sad state unfortunately.

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