Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Whenever I look at how backward we are, how poverty striken many of us are, yet we are richly endowed, I imagine that we as a group are not doing enough to harness the would be opportunities that exist if we put in some extra effort. Have you ever bothered to imagine the millions of shillings Buganda would be earning if it had ever publicized Bulange Plaza for economic use the way it is? Some big undertaking out there could for instance put chicken in the whole infrastructure and a few supporting services and harvest billions from the business. There is a time in 2004 when I got involved with the Organizing Committee for the American Delegation to Uganda. The delegation was in the country from and we interacted with them, but they were looking for serious and big business. When the delegates went back to USA, I kept in touch with one of the leaders and he had proposed having our people involved in T-Shirts making which T-Shirts would then be re-exported and money earned locally. The project looked good more so for the University undergraduates in need of making some money to make ends meet. However, my attempts to interest Makerere University administration did not take off! The point I am driving home is that we have surplus resources including man power, land to mention just a few, but we have failed to connect with those who have resources that could be put here and offer employment to our people. My appeal to the Buganda establishment is that we do a bit of homework. Secondly, let us welcome ideas that can help our people given their circumstances, that way chances to develop will be enhanced. If there is a company in States or elsewhere which is still interested in having T-shirts made in Uganda and re-exported to wherever the markets may be someone in Bulange should be able to exploit that opportunity. I am quite sure that if someone seriously got in touch with the African – USA International Chamber of Commerce, the prospects for joint business can greatly be enhanced. I studied at Namutamba Demonstration School, a school in Mityana district. I went to this place in 2011 and almost fainted. It is difficult to imagine the reality we have to live with today. The school which was competing so well in the 1970’s did not have a single computer, not even any sure power connection. There was nothing to talk about as a kitchen and some children were going without lunch though the school has a lot of unused land. Staff houses were in a dilapidated state. What had led to this? 1st, the school had been founded by the Lea Wilson family who were at Namutamba and growing tea as well as having a Diary Farm. The insecurity forced this family to leave Uganda and the farm undertaking was bought by the Nagenda’s. For reasons which are not clear, the farm by the time I called at the place was not officially employing any one. It had been the background for the development in the area. As if that was not enough, Namutamba Teachers College had greatly contributed to the development of the area, unfortunately, in 2000 or thereabout Government had it among those that were phased out! By 2011 it was hard for me to get to terms with what had been a centre for excellence in producing primary teachers, and one of the bases for quality primary school teaching. It was no more. Good enough, there are facilities here where Buganda Government can liaise with the Church of Uganda, at Mityana Diocese to see what can work out to enhance training of man power in whatever area it may be. It was absurd to find that the most reliable transport to Namutamba was by hiring a motor cyclist. The area is supposed to be a big potential agriculturally, but poverty is what greats you. Surely, I imagine that Buganda Government can do much more. If the Nagenda’s for instance have no serious buyer (I am not updated on the developments there now), at least Buganda Government officials would visit the area and get into dialogue, because the advantage of this place is that it can be used as an epi-centre to develop the whole area as a number of activities can be coordinated from there, yet it has children who grew up and had initial education from the place who can easily get back home given opportunities for employment. In a nutshell, I wish to call upon the Buganda establishment to do much more. There is need to reach out to get those we can partner with for serious business. We realize that petroleum products are expensive so, production using hydro electric power is on the high as well as petroleum products, but it is also true that we can promote bio-fuels in Buganda and Uganda at large and attract industrialization along that line. The proceeds from the sell of the law materials for Bio- fuel will indeed help our people to have income and if we seriously work on industrialization, it will be possible to generate revenue form exports and we shall be on the road to develop. By William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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