Thursday, August 23, 2012


We all have to die at some moment in time. The Catholics always pray to God that when time for death comes, they die well. I happen not to have loved Museveni’s ways from the time I got to know him well, more so when he was involved in the removal of Prof. Yusuf Kironde Lule from the Presidency of Uganda. I started watching him and unfortunately, I have never fallen in love with his ways. There is too much scheming in his life time, and the prayer is that those schemes don’t lead Uganda to a Somalia. It is unfortunate that leaders more often than not don’t learn until they are got in a tight corner like was the case of Ghadafi and the unfortunate happens, which at times inflicts other parties including their family members. Having seen Ghadafi’s power while on visit to Uganda for more than once, one could not imagine that the great man then could die as if a rat. For the likes of Museveni, it can be unfortunate to have shown that they are almost equal to God, and all of a sudden the Almighty God changes everything around to powerlessness. For Museveni, I happen not to have anything in common with him; however, I would love to see his exit decent because it is long overdue. When one looks at Museveni’s authority when it comes to issues like federo, and good governance among others, where he is able to ignore the wish of the people and he believes his ideas will always prevail, but this surely cannot be. Museveni time and again is able to dictate terms to the Buganda side among others, but the question is, for how long can this go on? Time will tell, but it is best that Museveni thinks about a decent exist because at some moment in time, it has to happen. William Kituuka Kiwanuka ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MPs MEET MUSEVENI OVER BUGANDA DEMANDS
Caucus chairperson Godfrey Kiwanda newvision By Joyce Namutebi and Henry Sekanjako Some of Buganda Parliamentary Caucus members met President Yoweri Museveni at State House Entebbe Thursday over outstanding Buganda demands. The meeting is a follow up of an earlier one they had with the President on August 1, in which they presented the Kingdom's demands, caucus chairman, Godfrey Kiwanda said. Issues for which the MPs are seeking answers, according to Kiwanda, include the sh18b which Mengo establishment is demanding from the Central Government and the report on what caused the burning of Kasubi tombs, a UNESCO heritage site. Kiwanda said they were also seeking an explanation for the refusal to allow Kabaka Ronald Mutebi to visit Buruuli and Bugerere that are disputed to be under his jurisdiction. The MPs have also identified looped holes in the law on cultural leaders which they needed addressed, Kiwanda added. The last time they met, he recalled, the President promised to give them a day to discuss the issues in detail. He said the President had telephoned him on Tuesday about today's meeting, which is expected to start at 10am. The secretary, Benny Bugembe explained that the issues they had presented to the President for negotiation were arrived at after meetings with officials from Mengo who had been designated by the Katikkiro. "We do not have any disagreements with Mengo over them," she said. "As Buganda parliamentary caucus we feel there should be harmony between Mengo and the central government," Bugembe added. Buganda demands also included the demand for the 9,000 square miles. Bugembe said the MPs also talked to the President about Luwero-Rwenzori programme, which they said, had been allocated little funds. In the earlier meeting the President had presented a paper giving his position on the demands, according to Kiwanda. Some MPs had boycotted the meeting arguing that it had been called at short notice with no time for them to prepare for it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUGANDA MPs TO MEET MUSEVENI
Mr Kiwanda (L) shares a point with Samuel Ssemugaba (C) and Ms Namugwanya after addressing journalists at Parliament yesterday. PHOTO by Geoffrey Sseruyange By MERCY NALUGO (email the author) Posted Thursday, August 23 2012 at 01:00 In Summary The legislators confirm the meeting with the head of State for the second time in a month and indicate that they will discuss issues concerning Buganda and the Central Government. Legislators representing constituencies in Buganda are today scheduled to meet President Museveni in State House Entebbe to forge a way forward on the region’s unmet demands. The MPs had at an earlier meeting last month presented a statement in which they asked Mr Museveni to clarify the government’s position on Buganda’s demands that have not been granted in a long time. Among the demands are an expressed wish for a return of 9,000 square miles of land Buganda Kingdom insists belongs to it, granting of a federal system of governance and clearing of a Shs19 billion debt. Buganda Parliamentary Caucus chairperson Godfrey Kiwanda yesterday confirmed an invitation sent to the region’s MPs which said: “His Excellency the President invites the Buganda Caucus MPs on 23rd August at 10 a.m. at State House Entebbe for the second important meeting to discuss the two presentations made in the first meeting.” The meeting is the second in a month. Kayunga issue Mr Kiwanda said that the President should also explain why the cultural leader of Buganda, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, was stopped from visiting his subjects in Bugerere, Kayunga District, almost three years ago and why the report on the burnt Buganda’s Kasubi Tombs has not been released to-date. “We, in the previous meeting, raised issues to do with the pending debt of Shs19 billion which the government has failed to settle. We expect an answer on when this money will be paid. We also expect a report on the Amasiro (tombs) and why the Kabaka was denied [the opportunity] to visit his subjects in Bugerere, among others,” Mr Kiwanda said yesterday. “We will also discuss why until now government has failed to pay Buganda veterans who contributed to the success of the 1986 war and when government is willing to pay them”. Briefing the media later in the day, Ms Benny Namugwanya (Mubende) said the meeting would also discuss how to empower the people of Buganda region to ensure they improve on their household incomes. Sources that attended the first meeting, however, told Daily Monitor yesterday that the President said he could not meet all Buganda’s demands since some have constitutional implications. “The President told us that he has granted a regional tier system of governance which is already in the Constitution and that Buganda should embrace it. He also told us that the 9,000 square miles can no longer be traced since they are occupied by the Kabaka’s subjects,” said the sources who asked not to be named. Daily Monitor could not independently corroborate this position by press time. Opposition members of the caucus boycotted President Museveni’s meeting last month, saying they were called on short notice. Asked whether the opposition would attend, Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze said she was busy doing parliamentary oversight work. By press time, the President’s press secretary, Mr Tamale Mirundi, and his deputy Linda Nabusayi were not available to confirm today’s meeting.

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