Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Minister Kibuule while giving a speech at the burial of one of the victims of the helicopters that crashed in Kenya, he was happy to note that the late soldier had a smaller family which other soldiers should emulate! He went to put them into the focus that their premature death was what actually what they signed for, so they should have smaller families to guarantee their better upkeep in case of the soldiers’ demise! It makes all the sense that all of us should be able to keep smaller families because that is when these families can be afforded the basics of life. The difference between Uganda and say a country like Tanzania is that the soldiers in Uganda have a big chance to die prematurely because of the deployments more so out of the country. The basis of these missions will remain unclear to many of us until when President Museveni gets out of power. Otherwise, soldiers like other professionals are trained to defend the country boundaries, however, when the democracy trend turns tricky like in Uganda, where different groups keep rising to fend for themselves given the dictatorship, the job gets tricky. The difference is that in countries like Tanzania, the soldiers have stable lives and live on and the turn over is not bad. But in Uganda, where soldiers are being taken here and there in foreign missions, the chances that they die prematurely are very many. It is sad, but this is the fact. Sgt. Charles Lukwago and WO. David Kakube were among 28 highly specialized Uganda airforce soldiers that had set out for a mission in war-torn Somalia. When three of the four helicopterss sent for the mission crash-landed on Mt. Kenya, Lukwago and Kakube were among the seven soldiers confirmed killed. By William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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