Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to get a raise or promotion

A promotion is an upward change of jobs in a company. It is a job with more responsibility. It may be a harder job. The best workers may get promotions when:
1) The employer makes a new job. This is not often done. However, sometimes new jobs are made for very good workers;
2) Someone quits. A good worker is then promoted to the job;
3) Someone does not do a good job. Another worker is promoted to take his/her place;
4) Another worker is promoted and makes a good job opening.

The following, if kept in mind can help you get a raise or a promotion:
1. Have a good work record;
2. Get a long well;
3. become a valuable worker;
4. Prepare for responsibility.

What people like in other people
Working together well is important. No body is perfect. Your boss may not hire people you really like. Some of them may be a little hard to get along with. Try to get along with everybody.
The following traits are liked by almost every one:
i. Friendliness
ii. Dependability
iii. Fairness
iv. Cooperation
v. Enthusiasm
vi. Self – respect
vii. Respect for others
viii. Loyalty
ix. Stability
x. Understanding and empathy
xi. Sense of humour.

What employers like
To keep a job even for a few days you must please your employer. You must come to work on time. You must show good appearance and a positive attitude. Most employers want to see the following traits in their workers:
1) Ability to understand and follow directions
2) Cooperation
3) Dependability
4) Initiative
5) Eagerness to learn
6) Enthusiasm
7) Loyalty
8) Honesty
9) Ability to accept criticism.

How to keep your job
Some goals that might be helpful for someone to keep his/her job:
I. Be punctual
II. Be responsible
III. Be productive
IV. Learn more things and improve your skills
V. Please the people your employer does business with.

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