Sunday, August 22, 2010


By William Kituuka
For any enterprise to survive today and keep afloat in the current liberalized environment characterized by stiff competitive market conditions, information availability is number one pre-condition for successful business venture.
Today, there is a lot of information world wide on markets, various product brands, technology, name it. It is extremely important that as our relatively young enterprises enter the market, both local and international, they do so on good information background, on markets where their products are to compete.
Our industries are used to protection and others still survive on the artificial blockage of cheaper or more competitive products when they cross the country’s borders. The artificial protection is partly responsible for the poor products in the country. Exposure to information makes it possible for the entrepreneurs to properly assess their position in the market and venture out to improve on the levels of efficiency. This exposure makes it possible to analyse an enterprise the search for capital, technology, markets, joint ventures and many other ingredients for successful business management.
One basic step the local enterprises need to make is to invest in information. Therefore, an enterprise should first establish a fully fledged information department within the organizational infrastructure. Alternatively, make information a distinct sub section of their public relations or marketing department.
Once the significance of available information is appreciated, the enterprise should push a step further and stuff the information section with properly qualified personnel with the necessary facilitation. It is for instance necessary that a serious business enterprise today worth its salt should subscribe to Internet. It is also important that enterprises keep their manpower standards high through refresher training, internally and externally so as to keep abreast with the new challenges in the enterprise management and marketing in particular.

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