Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why not fix Kajjansi High Voltage cable?

I get pissed off when one sends out messages to people responsible in offices over what can be extremely dangerous and no response is seen. I have sent out a message to the concerned about a high voltage cable from Kajjansi Police Station by - passing the over head bridge. This cable if I may repeat cuts through a drainage along the Nakigalala road. Merely looking at this cable is enough to show that the initial protective plastics have all been eaten off by the forces of erosion.
Why can't the concerned come and rectify this situation? There are people operating by no body has cautioned them to keep off! Why should management be by crisis? If this cable is safe at least can we see say concrete on top so that the forces of erosion as debris passes through the water drainage channel don't get in touch with it.
Hope someone will respond this time.
William Kituuka

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