Wednesday, August 24, 2011


His Highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi King of Buganda

In Bulange gardens is where the Grand Land & Property Exhibition is taking place
The 2nd Grand Land and Property Exhibition took off well today, Wednesday 24 August 2011 at Bulange Mengo Gardens with a number of participating establishments. The organizers are credited for the innovation; however, it looks like many Ugandans need to be educated about the importance of these exhibitions. Among the participants are Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development; Metrotile, Uganda Ltd (dealers in Light weight Coated Metal Roofing Tiles; Buganda Land Board; Zion Estates (who have plots of land for sale at Matugga – Ssayi, Gayaza – Nalumuli, and Kagga); the exhibition attracted Footsteps Furniture Company; Green Top Condos; CBS Radio; Jomayi Property Consultants, Centenary Bank, Buganda Functional Services; Stanbic Bank, Saideen Property Consultants; Sema Properties Ltd, Buganda Tourism Center, NSSF, Otis, Alam Group of Companies, Sembule to mention some. The exhibition is particularly educative, more so the input by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development in the exhibition. Talk of doing their homework, indeed the Ministry on this exhibition shows a lot of seriousness more so wanting to educate Ugandans over issues to do with land. They deserve a big credit for the effort and going a step further to part with much of this literature free to the public. This type of spirit is very developmental, and I am of the opinion that before the closure of the exhibition, those who were not taking it serious should actually go and visit as they will discover a lot they did not know over issues to do with the land. Among the literatures the Ministry of Lands is giving out free is The National Land Use Policy – May 2007 an 81 page book; a brochure on Housing Cooperative Development in Uganda; a brochure on Urban Development Sub Sector in which among other things they discuss issues that the Department of Urban Development seeks to address in urban areas, Achievements and on-going activities of the urban development sub sector to mention but a few; They have literature on: The Uganda National Urban Forum – 2010 (Sustainable Urbanization: A Collective Responsibility; They are distributing The National Slum Upgrading Strategy Fact Sheet, a serious publication of 9 pages; A Hand book for Earthquake Resistant Construction and Seismic Safety, which is a serious input into the subject discussed as well as an Information Guide on Services Offered by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development. I must say, the Ministry has not put to shame Uganda in the exhibition more so given the resource constraints our Ministries have. I wish to thank them so much for showing a good example.
Buganda Land Board (BLB) was set up by the Kabaka (King) of Buganda to manage land and properties returned under the Restitution of Traditional Rulers Act 1993. This comprises of 350 square miles of land spread in various parts of Buganda. Buganda Land Board the organizers of the exhibition have hand outs as well as explanations they give to those who call at their stall. Among these they stipulate the requirements to get a Lease on land they manage. The fees include registration, inspection and processing which is shs 200,000, this is paid to the Cashier in office No.7 at the Buganda Land Board after which a Lease Application form is issued to be filled by the applicant. You also obtain a form from Buganda Land Board which is filled and signed by Ssabasajja’s Parish and Sub Parish Chief confirming that the plot is yours and shs 40,000 is paid to their office for the duties assigned. You are required to produce copies of any documents relevant to ownership of the plot being applied for. A sketch map has to be drawn as direction on how the plot can be accessed. A copy of a photograph of developments on the land is required as well as passport size photographs attached to forms obtained from Buganda Land Board. The BLB has come up with a scheme aimed at facilitating ‘bibanja’ occupants to acquire Lease titles on Kabaka’s land. This helps to remove the barrier of failure to acquire a title due to financial constraints, yet when the title is the only means to have security of tenure. The scheme is managed through a partnership involving Buganda Land Board, Banks/financial institutions and the ‘kibanja’ occupants on Kabaka’s land.

Buganda Tourism Center

Buganda Tourism Centre

Vehicles which brought some people to the show

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