Sunday, August 14, 2011


I had opportunity to hear the President General of the Democratic Party (DP), Hon. Mao supporting the evolution of a new constituency to give Mbabali chance to contest after a peaceful settlement with the Vice President, Hon. Edward Ssekandi who Mbabali had taken to court over malpractices in the elections where Ssekandi ended up victorious.
The public was not convinced about the way Mbabali withdrew the case from the court, but ended up telling his supporters that it had been resolved to sub-divide the constituency so as to create a new one where Mbabali stands chance of making it to the Parliament.
Unfortunately, if the Government statement can be taken seriously, it is said that the creation of new districts has been suspended for three years. If this is true, then Mbabali is left in the cold after the settlement.

Vice President is a free man after his political ally withdrew the election petition that he had filed against him.
Jude Mbabali withdrew the petition today claiming that he wanted to make peace with the Vice President. He also did it for his people in Bukoto south who have been divided because of the case.
He also said that the advice that he received from the Archi Bishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, the Katikiro of Buganda JB Walusimbi, and the former Katikiro Ssemwogerere made him to withdraw the case.
Mbabali had filed an election petition seeking the court to nullify the election results because voting was characterized by voter bribery and malpractice. The withdraw was made by Mbabali’s Lawyer Kruzestom Katumba.
Both parties accepted the withdraw and court presided by Judge Musoke decided to dismiss the charges with each party incuring court costs.


Vice-President Edward Ssekandi. File Photo.

By Apollo Mubiru

Vice-President, Edward Ssekandi, on Tuesday said the withdrawal of an election petition against his victory as Bukoto central MP did not take him by surprise because it was a collapsing case.
Ssekandi’s main challenger in the February 18 general elections, Jude Mbabali, of Democratic Party on Monday withdrew the case against the Vice-President.
Speaking to the New Vision on phone, Ssekandi denied having bribed Mbabali to withdraw the case. This follow bribery claims from some political circles.
“I was not in court. I heard the news on radio. I did not corrupt Mbabali. I don’t have that money. The problem is that some people think that when such a thing happens, money should have exchanged hands,” Ssekandi said.
Asked whether his political arch-rival took a good decision to drop the case, the VP replied, “If you have been following the case, you should have noticed that it was a collapsing case. It (case) was never an issue to me apart from eating into my busy schedule. It was clear I was destined to win.”
Ssekandi congratulated Mbabali for his ‘wise decision’ but hastened to add that the petitioner’s lawyers focused on non- issues during the hearing of the case.
Mbabali petitioned court to seek nullification of Ssekandi’s election, citing election anomalies. He polled 9,731 votes against Ssekandi’s 10,068.
According to Ssekandi, losers do not easily accept defeat and will always look for reasons for their loss.
He said Mbabali’s lawyers never raised any other issue in the case apart from accusing him of using Government vehicles during campaigns.
“When they (lawyers) insisted on this, I knew that they had lost the case,” he bragged.
Citing article 82 sub-section 89, the VP explained that facilitation of the Speaker and the deputy are charged on consolidated funds and once elected to that office, the facilities cannot be removed.
“So, when I went to campaign in the constituency, I was a Speaker. The issue of using Government vehicles during campaigns would not arise,” Ssekandi said.
Masaka High Court judge Elizabeth Musoke was hearing the case.

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