Thursday, March 25, 2010

. Govt. Sponsorship promotes Exam Cheating!
If Government removes the Government sponsorship at higher levels of learning, you can be sure that cheating to pass exams will greatly have been fought! The driving force to cheat exams is that even with what traditionally were good grades to take one to the University for a good course and at the same time be Government sponsored is all now history to the extent that one needs to have an average of say B’s not to be sure of Government sponsorship, a situation which is not easy given the 4 principle subjects students offer. Government sponsorship is political, in that Government has political capital in sponsoring some students, however, it makes no sense if the system is wholly abused and Government is not able to bail the country out. We know many of the rich are the beneficiary and many poor students who are bright have to look around for funding, yet if all paid for tuition the discrimination would be more, yet tuition could even be lowered compared to current levels. There is fear that if corruptly based decisions are maintained by Government, the future of the country is a real doom. Strong decisions have to be made to get the country back on the road, short of that, Uganda is simply finished. Money saved would go to infrastructure development and better learning facilities as well as employment creation which graduates target.

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