Saturday, March 10, 2012


The developments at Kajjansi, Friday 9th March 2012 are most unfortunate. Besigye got into Kajjansi Trading Centre. It is alleged that he branched at Kajjansi Market where he had a meal before proceeding to Uganda Clays' play ground to address those who were waiting to hear from him. Meanwhile as it is the order of these meetings, those who attend them more often than not expect chaos after, which was the case even this time. It is said that it all started when Besigye refused to take the route as advised by the Police. This is where Besigye goes wrong. If he was given opportunity to talk to the people, why doesn't he respect other people's rights? It is sad the developments after which saw a number of people victims among them school children who were eventually admitted to Namulundu Clinic simply because Besigye refused to take the route he was advised to. The Police personnel injured in the process are also victims of Besigye not cooperating. The traders who lost goods. This is to appeal to Besigye's common sense. Many of us are aware of the wrongs of Museveni's regime, but we need to do things sensibly and ensure that the people are not made to suffer the more.
Besigye should stop assuming that the way he conducts his business is welcome by all. I wish he finds a way of compensating those inflicted by his ill advised moves.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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