Friday, March 9, 2012


Museveni should know that playing hide and seek games with the Mengo establishment will never pay off. It is simply a sign of a regime that wished to keep Buganda behind. Fortunately, many people of Buganda are united for the cause of development. Whether bad law, whether deceit name it, the people will be supreme. One time, Museveni's regime will go and it will remain in history it bad acts towards Buganda. It is many years now since the promise of katikiiro's residence, by this time they would have long handed it over. How does the central Government decide to sit on rent dues for Buganda. These are all unbelieveable of a Government that claims to be for the people. It is sad, but expected of dictatorships.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka

Mr Walusimbi (R) talks to the Buganda Caucus members at Bulange Mengo. Photo by Joseph Kiggundu

By Robert Mwanje
Posted Friday, March 9 2012 at 00:00

Buganda Kingdom has asked Members of Parliament to exert fresh pressure on the central government to fulfill its pledges, including the introduction of a federal system of governance.
While meeting the new leaders of Buganda Parliamentary Caucus led by Mr Godfrey Kiwanda (Mityana North) yesterday, Katikkiro John Baptist Walusimbi said this was the opportune moment to rejuvenate the kingdom demands at all fronts, including that of the 9,000 square miles of land and the county and sub-county headquarters.
“I was reluctant to meet you since there was no clear leadership for the caucus but I feel this is the right time. Let’s put our political and religious differences aside and fight for what belonged to us,” Katikkiro Walusimbi said at Mengo.
“We should remain united and lobby other MPs to fight for good governance,” he added.

Ready for talks
The kingdom attorney general, Mr Apollo Makubuya, said Parliament should also press government to free people arrested during the Buganda riots of September 2009.
He said Buganda is ready to defend all contentious issues before Parliament, including the enacted laws against traditional leaders, the lost kingdom land and uncleared rent arrears amounting to Shs20 billion.
We are ready to face Parliament and defend our arguments once an opportunity is availed. All we need is your support as MPs and raising the concerns,” Mr Makubuya said.
Flanked by the caucus executive members, Mr Kiwanda pledged maximum support to the kingdom. He said the caucus will soon convene to forge a new strategy.
“My team is ready to help the kingdom attain her interests and put politics aside,” Mr Kiwanuka said.
Earlier, Buganda premier warned that the most populous monarchy will only participate in “meaningful talks” with the central government.
Mr Walusimbi said the previous Parliament largely offered a disservice to the kingdom, citing the approval of the controversial Traditional Leaders Act and the Land Act, among others.

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