Thursday, March 22, 2012


Word going the rounds is, “how will President Museveni go’? The reading on the wall is clean and clear that it is time up for him. The going looks like it is a sure deal less than a year after he was sworn in as President after completing 25 record years in office! What the President has to know is that no degree of being a genius can make him capable of overcoming diminishing returns given the challenges of the office of President. Surely, the way Museveni as Presidential candidate was making decisions which among others included promising the Muslim community to make good of properties that had wrongly been sold was just one of the many indicators of a man so desperate to remain Head of State while impoverishing the people as many decisions made then were not to make people better off; like the sub-division of districts to create new uneconomical ones. When you look at the government priorities to-date, no good thinking Ugandan can vote for them; the tones of tear gas which have to be in stock to counter daily demonstrations is unacceptable as hospitals cry for medicines, it is unacceptable that some people have been able to loot billions of tax payer money without the knowledge of the President, the pay to many public servants does not make any economic sense given the badly depreciated Uganda shilling, blame it all on economic mismanagement; corruption and greed. God is so good that he always gives one a solution which is either opted for or ignored by the beneficiary. President Museveni should as of now be looking to a way out of office which can be least destructive to the country he claims to have at heart as well his future and that of his family members. The best opportunity to utilize is to get someone talk to the members of the NRM caucus to sign the petition to see him impeached. This can give him opportunity to talk to the army to ensure smooth succession more so as it is becoming common knowledge that some army officers are openly showing their discontent. Many people can forgive President Museveni for any wrong doing if he can make a decision to quit office peacefully.
Many times the President’s advisors have gone wrong, and that situation may be compared to the time of the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy’s advisors knew that the Cuban resistance to the invasion would vastly out number the invaders, that the invasion had little chance. The objective reports also said that there was little hope for in the way of a popular uprising of Cubans to support the invaders. But the President’s advisors and the President himself ignored those reports. They were some of the best minds in the country, bright, informed, rigorous professionals. In the moment of decision, they operated as a group going for a goal with such enthusiasm that rationality was swept a side.
If there was any chance to have a repeat of the election of Members of Parliament after the much publicized news that MPs received shs 103m for vehicles, be sure that more than a half of them would be dropped; that shows how the electorate can best respond to a situation where their representatives are seen to loot the treasury as majority languish in poverty however much they toil to make a decent living.
In a nutshell, President Museveni stands to benefit from an impeachment if he only got a strategy to see his NRM caucus MPs endorse it.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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