Thursday, March 1, 2012


I for one still think that prayers will help Africa get rid of notorious dictators. Under the cover of dedicated service to their countries they have established methods of systematically looting the countries and in some cases you need to be very well informed to be in the know of what they actually own. It is sad, but the truth. Many are not worthy being in leadership at this moment of advancement in knowledge and technology.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka

Solution to the Problem with African Dictators & Famine?
So you send a team in to take over the capital. Then place yourself(or someone capable of running the country correctly) in power. Also since people in Africa are mostly loyal to those who pay the bills you wouldn't have to worry about the military showing up later. (If that doesn't work having a helo for a quick escape won't hurt.)
The way I see it the President of Equitorial Guinea has a estmated value of $600 million. With 70% of the population(473,200 people) living on $2/day. If you do the math everyone in the country would get almost 1,000 dollars(US) to help them buy food,medicine and to rebuild their country.
Several years later when the country was stable again you could turn control over to the people of the country.
But the team couldn't be supported by the American government so as to not affend other countries. A team of retiredArmy Special Forces soldiers acting on their own could do it since they're trained in guerilla warfare and also seem to be the older and "most mature Special operations unit" no offense intended.
To those who want to insult me I'm just a 17 year old trying to help a country. This plan probably isn't perfect but atleast I can say I tried to help.

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