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If IPC has a problem in electing a Presidential Flag bearer, Kibirige Mayanja can be the solution

The strength of the Inter Party Cooperation (IPC) Government (like is the case of the chain) willlie in the flexibility ofthe Presidential flag - bearer candidate. Much as Mr. Kibirige Mayanja is an intellectual; the type who not only worked well with the Planning and Development Department of Ministry of Education, he performed beyond average at Makerere's Planning Department, when he was its director. His character which was very clearwhile at Makerere University can greatly help the coherence of the Inter - Party Cooperation and smooth management of Government ifthe IPC makes it to power. My candidate is Dr. Olara Otuunu,but given the jig saw in choosing the Presidentialcandidate for IPC; i see in Mr Mayanja the ability to see us through as he portrays well the spirit and ability tocooperate well with others hence his weakness is the strength of IPC.
William Kituuka

Justice Forum (JEEMA) is a registered political party in the Republic of Uganda, with representation in parliament. Jeema’s only Member of Parliament, Hon. Hussein Kyanjo is also the party’s Secretary General. Jeema can rightly be described as a small party. Its strength lies not in its size but in high level of organization, emphasis on quality, efficiency and an aggressive youth training program for future leaders. Jeema has produced total of 8 (University) Guild Presidents since 1998, two being at Makerere, one at Gulu University and at the Islamic University in Uganda. Jeema youth have held guild cabinet posts in the all major universities since 1998.
Justice Forum (JEEMA) was established in 1996 when the party president, Mr. Muhammad Kibirige Mayanja, then the Director of Planning at Makerere University, stood for President as an independent candidate. At that time, political party activity was banned under the single party dictatorship of the NRM. It could not be registered until 2005 when multi party democracy was restored.
Justice Forum / JEEMA- a party with two names?
Yes. Justice Forum is the official name. However, JEEMA is the acronym for he party’s five point political platform namely, Justice Education Economic progress Morals and African unity. JEEMA is the only party in Uganda whose political platform forms part of its name.
JEEMA has built its own party headquarters at Mengo, behind Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary School, on the lane opposite Mengo shell service station.
You can contact JEEMA on:
Landline: 0414 665 759; Secretary General 0772 500461; Secretary for information
and Public Affairs: 0752 656 352 / 0703 851 851; Vice Chairman (Operations) 0772 562 539; Youth Affairs: 0773 216 866
JEEMA’s Ideology
An ideology is a coherent collection of ideas that proposes the way society should be structured and how its citizens should live and work together.
JEEMA was established to establish a truly just order in Uganda where all forms of injustice are eliminated. There should be justice in our families, to our neighbors, to all people irrespective of race, colour, tribe, sex or religious belief. Justice means, among other things, equitable distribution of national resources, positions of power and authority, equitable employment opportunities in all sectors of society, balanced and distributed development in all parts of the country. JEEMA believes that once Justice becomes the nation’s foremost rallying call, most of the conflicts in society will diminish and the nation will enjoy harmony.
JEEMA believes that welfare of the citizens should be guaranteed by the state. Disadvantaged citizens should be assisted to survive. The sick should be treated, those without access to justice because of poverty or lack of education should be assisted by the state. JEEMA believes that quality education and health should be free are a right. They should be provided to all citizens by the state without discrimination.
JEEMA also believes that man is created by God. Man is a trustee of God on earth, so in the execution of social, political and economic duties on earth, man is accountable to God. Inspired by Uganda’s motto “For God and My country “ and the America’s call “In God we Trust” JEEMA believes that man’s actions in this world will be rewarded or punished in the hereafter. It is for his reason that JEEMA refuses to believe that politics is about telling lies, trickery, unjustly treating opponents, or amassing wealth the expense of the nation. JEEMA firmly believes that it is immoral to seek power through plunder, killing and destruction. As a free being, a human being should be free to make his/her political, social and economic choices without hindrance without harming fellow persons and the environment.
JEEMA believes that there are universally good values that should be established in society, through education by the state. They are honesty, patience, hard work, accountability, transparency and tolerance. These must be made the pillars on which a moral and ethical society is built. Morality is the fourth pillar of JEEMA’s platform.
JEEMA believes that the “winner takes all” system of elections prevalent in Uganda today is unjust and creates a lot of conflicts and tension in society. For this reason JEEMA advocates for the adoption of “proportional representation” system of elections where all participants in an election who achieve an agreed vote count can be represented in parliament.
On the economy, JEEMA believes in a state regulated free market economy that is not guided by capitalist whims of maximization of profit at any cost, and the “man eat man”, “big fish eat small fish” scenario that has brought misery to the capitalist world. JEEMA, on the other hand, rejects the atheistic Communist thinking and the blind collectivization of Socialism. JEEMA is for a Just economic order, that should abolish interest based banking. JEEMA seeks to establish an interest free banking system.
JEEMA believes that the defence of the country is the responsibility of the population. This is the reason why we advocate for compulsory one year military training for all youths who achieve 18 years of age. This will ensure that Uganda can have a small but efficient and well equipped army with a standby reserve army/force comprised of all able bodied men and women who can be called upon to do military duty in extraordinary circumstances of say, a foreign invasion or a national disaster. JEEMA believes in a well educated military and has advocated for the establishment of a Military University since 1996.
On Women, JEEMA believes that women at half of all humanity. For a nation to progress, the Women ought to be given full opportunities of education and participation in decision making. Participation of Women in public life should be regulated so that they are not exposed to exploitative devices of unjust societies, which have made women an objects of sex, and entertainment. JEEMA considers Women the pillar of society without which no sound family can be built. A nation without a sound family structure is a lost nation, however advanced in technology, ecomony or military might it might be. A nation with a weak family structure is a house of cards that will crumble eventually.
On African Unity, JEEMA believes in the establishment of a United African Federation. JEEMA support all efforts to make Africa stronger, better, united.
(A full manual on JEEMA’s ideology is available on request. In the coming issues of the JEEMA Bulletin the twice monthly publication of the Justice Forum, there will be a section on JEEMA’s ideology commencing January 2009).
Cooperation with other parties
The Justice Forum believes in “Unity of Purpose” and strongly believes that in the pursuit of national goals, it can join forces with other political parties and civil society groups, institutions and other organizations. Fundamentally, Jeema believes that National Interests ought to come before political party interests. It is for this reasons that JEEMA is involved in the Inter-Party cooperation a formal grouping of four political parties represented in parliament namely CP, FDC, JEEMA and UPC.
The inter party cooperation, IPC is exploring the possibility of agreeing a common / joint electoral platform in 2011 and to filed a single / joint presidential candidate
The JEEMA youth League is actively involved in working with youths in the three other parties to build the momentum for joint political action in 2011.
Youth Membership
To become a youth member, you must be 16- 30 years old. There is a simple registration process that ends with the issuance of a membership card on payment of a fee of USh 500/-.
(Adult members pay USh. 1500/-).
JEEMA’s Youth policy
JEEMA considers youths and students a very important section society, as it is the youth that can ensure the continuity of any nation. For this reason JEEMA encourages its youth to focus more on studies, training, physical activities and seeking tutorship from senior members. JEEMA youths and students are asked to participate in political activities in their spare time. In JEEMA we do not believe a youth or a student should fail an exam or be fired from their job because they are “active in politics”. We believe that the youths should learn to work, deal with society, and establish a family they can sustain through their sweat before jumping into the fray of “active politics”. To encourage financial stability JEEMA emphases the need for hard work, and “saving culture” among its youths.
The role of knowledge
Justice Forum, JEEMA, places a lot of emphasis on learning, knowledge and commitment. We believe that ignorance is the worst form of human state and often breeds opportunism. A JEEMA youth is expected to constantly develop their knowledge in all spheres of life and accept to undergo skills and knowledge building programs that are organized from time to time. The party will deploy a youth to carry out JEEMA activities only after undergoing the prescribed in-house training curriculum.

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