Sunday, May 30, 2010

Uganda needs to re-incorporate vocational skills at Primary level

The majority of youth we have; a number of whom are proving a nuisance are a product of an education system which is short - sighted and producing for academics yet many of them are not even able to complete relevant levels that can earn them a living, not forgetting that job creation is at a lower rate as compared to the output from these education institutions. Time is now for the Government of Uganda to increase number of years at primary level to 8 such that in primary 5 and 6 emphasis can be put on vocational training. It is hard to start training now the youth who have not had the opportunity to learn employable skills and it is quite expensive. The emphasis on only academics is letting this country down. Some of us had carpentry; gardening; poultry and these skills are still helping us. The children of now are being given a false start on focusing only at academics and grooming then to pass exams. In the early 70's, a child with an average of 60 marks in each paper was sure of getting a Government school, we need that training back which not only emphasizes academics but vocational training so that at any level the children drop out of school they have employable skills at hand.

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