Monday, May 31, 2010

Soya as food and medicine

Home made Soya Milk

Soya milk is used to treat several conditions as listed below:
1) Lack of vitamin B & K
2) Weakness in bones
3) Internal stomach problems
4) Skin rushes and other infections
5) Malnutrition
6) Sight problems
7) Improves resistance to diseases
8) Lack of appetite

Soya Milk can be prepared in the following way:
1) Soak the soya beans for one day
2) Pour the water and remain with the beans only
3) Pound the beans into paste
4) Mix it with water that had been boiled and cooled
5) Filter that solution with a clean piece of cloth
6) Throw away the residue and remain with the pure filtrate
7) Boil the filtrate and it will turn into milky state
8) You can take one glass three times a day
9) You can also use this soya milk as cow milk in tea, coffee, or cocoa

If you can’t drink all you prepared, remember to boil it before taking next dose as it goes bad quickly.

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