Monday, May 17, 2010

Life was not easy at the National School of Political Education – Kyankwanzi

1995, I wanted to get a Government job as practicing as a freelance journalist was not helping me make ends meet as I would want. I approached Mr. Fagil Mandy who had been our neighbour at Namutamba teachers College where my father and Fagil were teaching. Mandy was by then Commissioner at the Ministry of Education and Sports. He was also a teacher of the NRM Ten Points Programme at Kyankwanzi. He advised me to go to the school of Political Education which I did. I arrived a week after the senior six leavers had arrived for the training. Those days, it was a requirement to have been at the National School of Political Education before joining Makerere University. I was attached to Company D; Platoon 1; Section II; Number 14. It was not easy an experience; and it equally did not help me secure a Government job. I had it rough, got swollen legs, but came back in one piece.
William Kituuka

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