Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Job Harzards; my experience

While on training in Banking at Uganda Commercial Bank (UCB) Jinja Main Branch during Obote II, it so happened that I was at one time in-charge of cash hence the cashiers as part of the training.
One day, a gentleman who used to do bankings on behalf Inland Revenue as it was called by then brought in the day’s cash. He had been banking the money for the department for quite some time and seems to have discovered a loop hole.
22 million was brought in a ‘kikapu’ in denominations of 1,000/- and 500/-, these were the big ones at the time. The big bankings used to be verified first on the Counting Board and would then be counted (by then we had no counting machines).
It defeats me how after the acknowledgement of receipt of the 22 million that the Revenue man was able to put shs 10 million back to his ‘kikapu’ and walked off!
At the time of balancing the day’s work (past 3pm), the cashier, a woman in her early 50’s realized a clean shortage of 10 million (of that time)! All attempts to recall how the shortage would have come about pointed to the Revenue man. Efforts were made to follow him up to office, but it was already late.
Police men went as far as searching his house, but the ten million was no where to be seen. We made an effort to inquire about his accounts in the other local banks in Jinja. We got proof of bankings of 8 million that day!
The matter was handled by the then Magistrate of Jinja, and given his wisdom, the Revenue man was found not guilty! But as you know, money does not grow on trees. This was the Justice we got!
The woman having been declared guilty, the hunt for shs 10 million started to recover bank money. We got good cooperation from Coffee farmers of the time, and the money was paid.
A few years later, I met the Magistrate but now he was with Cotton Development Organisation, some how the subject came up for discussion, and he showed that he was sorry!
However, the God Lord called him some years ago.

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