Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ronnie Mayanja talks about Uganda Martyrs Day in Boston

Dear readers, It's June and this time around I wanted to start off by congratulating some of our community members who under went intellectual liberation [graduated] at the various institutions of higher learning here in the US. In Boston, our community was not left behind as shown by the various parties that made rounds in the bay state. Our congratulations go out to all those Ugandans that graduated this past May. As we start a new month be prepared an array of activities from commemoration of the Uganda Martyrs Day to the summer boat cruises, picnics and weddings parties. Of course if you have never been to Boston, June 20th might be an ideal time to visit simply because the Uganda Martyrs Day celebrations will be taking place in Waltham, Uganda's biggest suburb in Massachusetts. This gathering by far draws the largest crowd of Ugandans in the US outside of the annual UNAA convention. For all sports lovers out there the world's biggest sporting event that comes around every for years will be coming to the African continent for the first time. The 2010 FIFA World Cup is definitely something to look forward to by the many soccer [football] fans worldwide. This event is sure to paralyze productive work in many parts of the world were the sport enjoys cult status!! Germany has already suffered major defeat after the injury of their captain Michael Ballack. Ghana Africa's new comers will also be without star player Michael Essien and this too could jeopardize their chances not to mention the group in which the team has been drawn to play. http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/ Politically alot is happening back home. For instance, it was mind boggling to see an MP slap a beggar in full view of a custodians of the law, [ the police] an action for which she has since denied even though it was caught on camera. This experience left me thinking about Lord Acton's remarks about "Absolute power corrupting absolutely". This episode has since generated intense debate on our diaspora discussion forums and has some subscribed to the view that perhaps this is an indication of what permeates all of our leadership strata back home. http://www.newvision.co.ug/detail.php?newsCategoryId=12&newsId=720638As I conclude it was a great pleasure witnessing first hand the Buganda day celebrations in Maryland,DC over this past Memorial day weekend. The function was another demostration of a determined people in which Baganda celebrated their cultural heritage, fundraised for the Kasubi royal tombs and showcased their Kiganda regalia. The highlight for me came when Bazukulu ba Buganda [The next generation baganda kids] born here in the USA, made attempts to practice their Luganda. In an attempt to reiterate their true Buganda spirit some described themselves as 'I am Muganda Wow' as opposed to 'Ndi Maganda wawu'. But how could you even judge these innocent lads when they also wore Kiganda traditional wear. What they lacked in speech they made up with the garments they adorned. Enjoy the World Cup!!

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