Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Serious Government cannot boost motor cyclists (boda boda) for transporting humans

I read some literature that in some developed countries people who need donors for body organs wait for deaths after motor cycle accidents which are a sure deal. In Uganda the motor cycle transport came accidentally simply because Government over priced fuel. However, it is wrong for Government to take this as an advantage considering this mode of transport as reliable and worth for humans. Much as anybody should be free to buy a motor cycle, this should be for the buyers' transportation, but when it becomes business to transport humans then we are wrong and it is not acceptable. The cyclists are mostly youths, some are still in school and many times reckless drivres. It is absurd to see a Government which can invest in better transportation endorsing motor cyclists simply because it implemented a policy which makes it expensive buying fuel for transportation yet the motor cycles are econimical in consumption. In fact by now given the casualities we have seen, Government would ban commercial transportation of humans using motor cycles and leave them for cargo/goods.

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