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St. Mary's Kitende in 10th Anniversary scandal

Looks like very few school directors and or proprietors can make good national leaders given the trend in some of the schools that are prominent for making children/students pass highly, hence induce many parents to send children there unfortunately; when the administrators don't have a human face. I have interacted with at least two parents who were disturbed on getting to St. Mary’s Secondary School Kitende at the beginning of 2nd term and looks like what the school was interested in was not the duly paid bank slip, but the shs 50,000/- for the 10th school anniversary! It is true that students were given a circular dated 30th April 2010, and in part I quote: “Each parent is humbly requested to contribute a fee of shs 50,000 (fifty thousand shillings only) towards the preparation for the function, payable in cash to the School Bursar of your child for Term two.”
It surprises that when parents got there, the position had changed in that:
1) What had been a humble request became a MUST, so, each parent had to pay the money there and then!
2) While in the circular it was a parent contributing to the success of the function, the position changed when the students returned, in that it was each child contributing to the success of the function; so, each parent with more than one child had to foot a bill of shs 50,000 per child and the Invitation card was written in the name of the child! Now, a parent ended up getting as many invitation cards as the number of children he/she has in the school!

It is true, parents cried tears.

There are other developments in Kitende which the Ministry of Education should be interested in. Among these are:
1. This is a school where the figure to be paid in at the bank has been duly filled (this is irregular as far as the bank is concerned as this amount ought to be filled by the depositor and a cashier can easily get trouble because of this anomaly) in as a student gets a copy of the bank slip; this means the parent is not at liberty to pay in installments, and possibly installments call for special clearance if they are accepted;
2. On admission, a student is made to pay for a book (s) which eventually becomes school property this is at senior one and senior five;
3. Parents are concerned about the Omo they give to the children which is used for cleaning purposes of the school on top of the huge fees paid;
4. While a child pays building fee on entry to the school in senior one, if the student is admitted to senior five, building fee has to be paid again.
NB Some of the practices of private schools are supposed to make parents who contribute to sustaining them actually shareholders in these schools. It is not clear why Government has not observed this.
William Kituuka

Kitende forced parents to pay the 50,000/-

Lawrence Mulindwa of St. Mary's Kitende

Friday, 4th June, 2010 - Source:
I want to add my voice to those of the parents of St Mary’s Secondary School Kitende who are furious over the compulsory payment of sh50,000. The headmaster, Lawrence Mulindwa, is reported to have said on Wednesday that we paid the money willingly! This is a lie.
The deputy headmaster told us that “their request is a command” and the bursar could not clear any student who did not pay up. The bursar also assured us that if the headmaster wanted it, it had to be done, no matter how the parents felt. I am so worried about our children.
If this dictatorial attitude is what is running Kitende, the thousands of children in the school are being trained to become dictators. How will Uganda handle all these dictators when they graduate? Yes, it is his school, but we also have a stake in it. If that is not the case, why are we being forced to contribute to its 10 years of its existence?
He also says, in The New Vision story, that it is only a few parents complaining. First of all, even those parents need to be treated fairly. Secondly, many parents do not take their complaints to the press. Thirdly, not all the parents’ complaints can be published. Several parents react differently, including taking their children elsewhere.
But even those who take their children away need to fight this impunity and selfishness. We have paid school fees and our children have a right to education. The Ministry of Education must not leave parents to fight a lone battle.

The School Anthem
May the lord bless you
Oh! St. Mary's Kitende School
As you keep holding the light,
Living up to excellence,
Trounce all vices lead the way
We've got to scan our education for growth

May the staff and students,
Uphold you, be disciplined, All the time
Keeping the vision.
Reading and learning so that,
Education is a priority.
We seal the nation with knowledge and skills.

Let the nation triumph
O'er the school's foundation
St. Mary's this is the mission
Give all round guality education
Lawrence Mulindwa had a dream
In year 2001, blessed be you.

TEN REMARKABLE FACTS ABOUT ST. MARY'S KITENDE Efficient system of administration. The schools administrators have demonstrated rare skills that have seen SMASK top of the list in various disciplines as seen below
Rapid academic success. In a record time of four years, SMASK has made headlines and ranked among the top schools in the country. The current record is; SMASK had the highest number of first grades in UCE examinations of 2005 in the whole country.
Well focused programmes. The school system is like a well oiled machine aiming at being at the top of it's priorities and indeed the successes in academics and sports in a very short have proved that it's programmes work effectively.
Motivation of stakeholders. A school like any other institution trying to achieve it's objectives relies heavy on it's stakeholders. We at SMASK, Keep our stakeholder's morale high through constantly rewarding their sweat with the fruits of success. If their stakes were stocks on the stock exchange, we at SMASK have elevated them to blue chips.
Discipline. The students at SMASK are handled with the utmost strictness so as to ensure the desired code of conduct and to release a bunch of responsible citizens to our various societies.
Hardwork. This is one of the major guiding principles against which all developments are hinged. Every stakeholder takes laziness to be a crime against him/herself and unanimously carry a belief that service above self doesn't necessarily mean slavely.
Sports dominance. Besides Uganda, SMASK is the East African secondary schools' football and netball champion.
Beautiful premises. Besides a striking scenery, cleaning and rehabilitation especially painting are a common occurrence at the school premises to maintain it's beauty. The school boasts of clean neat lawns and a cascading or terraced view of a neatly planned hillslope.
Good feeding for students. Being a boarding school, the school tries as much as possible to make the students not miss their Mothers' cooking by cooking like their mothers and sometimes better than them.
Religious culture. "The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom"; The school emphasizes a religious spirit among students and respects each and every students' religious denomination.


  1. kitende is realy nice...but it would be the best if it had either prom or sosh


  3. i agree as well. seriously we went thea bt such memories(sosh or prom) tht seem to last for eva are not thea in kitende. it hurts.. atleast a leavers party shud be given. cant believe on what we thout was to be our leavers party we jus had prayers and gave gifts to taechers and thts all tht mattered to them.. am overseas bt trust even a few people frm hia are nt hapi wt that..
    Kno thts why wen u get to cumpus people dnt really get involved with the association koz all they have in their minds is some boring ocassion to please the admistration.."""what abt the students!!!"""

  4. one problem dat mulindwa fool has is dat he can xpel at his own will ...currently am also living in boston but iwas in samsk for my senior 3 .. mulindwa should stop having sex witjh students after promising them bursaries... apart from dat da skool aint so bad.claire

  5. i think paying the money was worth it since it is the same parents who were complaining who used the money on that day.

  6. claire have u ever seen any victim of wat you r talking abt that mulindwa has sex with students ??? that man can't do that and he will never do that so stop beefing him jst bcoz he expelled u jst swallow and abt the william the article writter that money was really utillized properly by all parents and students caz i have neva seen any school in ug preparin' such celebrations lyk kitende did so man style up

  7. big up smask am on gavo coz of da school

  8. to me i thlnk kituuka and your friends you are just desperate and thus you need counselling.a big name means a big payment nigga.i have studied in big schools and all of them have asked 4 what are you talking about.lets always try to be considerate at times.

  9. Kitende is the best school, those who talk ill about it are nothing but ignorant and they clearly don't know what they are talking about.....I LOVE Kitende with my whole heart, How I wish I could be there for more years.


  11. but i have heard stories of mulindwa sleeping with students and even some of them admitted that they did so claire is not lying

  12. jst in love with that school.big up mulindwa u showed us the right path.let them talk watevre they want bt there kids are excelling bse of u.
    long live kitende

  13. Me personally i like kitende because it has really made look at the world the way it operates in otherwords its opened the real world to me...thank you smask... Long live

  14. kitende class of 2010 all the way!!!!! good times

  15. dat blog is so true william

  16. The school is actually crap, save for the academic excellence! Ask us who have witnessed it grow for 6 years! Am sure u'd all want to know how it has grown to this level!!

  17. claire you are sooooo stupid things happen but your comment is so arrogant to God you are a foolbecause you never know also your parents are talked about like that stop your arrogance and if you are coming back to uganda leave it there WAMA MR .MULINDWA LONG LIVE

  18. claire yo so ill-manned, how can u talk like that when you were once a student there!!?i really couldnt believe yo post coz for all i know these are the same stories that we always hear turnishing big p'ple so have some respect. Long live SMASK and Mr. Mulindwa, surely you had a dream!!

    1. Nou check this one ....mbu David aka sexxy wats that bullshit

  19. St.mary's kitende z a gr8t shule to go 2 4 gud the trz cooperation wth students n its programz...lovely skul, love the entertainment[artists n dankez], sports, catering, e.t.c
    I suggest introduction of proms n maybe sosh...
    Wish that swimming cud also be introduced too!!!
    LOVE THE SKUL!!! GOD BLESS U ABUNDANTLY!!![Education is a Priority]

  20. Smask is my icon. big up to Mr. Lawrence Mulindwa

  21. Bravo Lawrence. 'Alta continua'

  22. What education is being received in this school if every post I am reading has such glaring grammatical errors. In think parents need some money back from their investment ..... just saying!!!!!

  23. That guy mulindwa waaa.....
    He was vibing me and I had to chill the school so I don't see why you people are supporting the school...
    It's true they even cheat in exams ...nonsense

  24. He even used to have sex with our head prefect ....2018 plus some ballers...he is such a whore he never gets satisfied by his wife stop disrespecting your wives ...those women fight alot for you to prosper and when you make some ka m0ney you go on and start vibing young girls those are bad manners and you bu girls who love other people's men you should style up...learn some manners and wait for your husbands so that you you work hand in hand to get the money your looking for in other people's men....silly girls ...��

  25. That's the best secondary school facility in Africa.