Friday, July 16, 2010

It is not worth to sink shs 300m into the Foundation of Kajjansi Sub - Parish Church

Radio Maria Monday night 12th July 2010 hosted executive members of kajjansi Sub - Parish Church whose mission was to inform the Radio listerners that they are to hold a fund -raising on Sunday 18 July 2010 at Kajjansi with the aim as starting on the Construction of the Church. I happen to know very well the area where the proposed construction is targeted, but this happens to be a water logged area, very near what is popularly known as Kajjansi Line, has no parking and no prospects for holding other association undertakings under the sub - parish as there is no land for expansion.
The executive members who participated made mention of shs 300m expected to be put into the foundation alone! This amount is astronomical and if the Chucrh site is re - located, the amount can complete a whole Church and do some furnishing.
I am of the opinion that the executive together with the Church members agree on getting another site where construction may be less expensive and also cater for expansion and related services to the Church community.
I think Uganda Clays may not object to the idea of the donated land being sold off and other land acquired which will take into consideration of not being waterlogged, ave parking and spacious enough to accommodate other organisations under the sub - parish like the youth activities to mention a few.
If one looks at the Church by the Seventh day Adventist along Entebbe road at Kitende it has the problem of space but it may not have consumed as much as 300m yet it is already in use. It is wrong to throw shs 300m or even 1/3 of it just in the foundation.
Willy Kituuka

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