Friday, July 16, 2010

We are to witness robbing of people in the name of security check!

In what some people imagine is security check, a new wave of robberies and personal insecurity is to be created. How can one trust every tom and dick to check him or her? What will happen if someone is going to buy things and is traveling with money? You get into a bus going to buy goods say for a shop with the mobile phones in place, can anybody be safe given that our people at some point in time have to be having physical cash on them.
The strategies being put in place MUST be re -thought otherwise, it does not make sense to create more insecurity for people in the name of enforcing security.
William Kituuka

Counter terrorism security measures by Uganda’s security agencies - Source:
KAMPALA, July 12, 2010 – 74 people have been confirmed dead, and one hundred have been admitted to various hospitals.
The Uganda Police has called upon the public to be aware of the terrorism threat and to join the Police and other security agencies to fight and prevent its occurrence.
Some of the security measures taken include;
Access control measures at entry points in public premises like places of entertainment and social gatherings, bars, hotels, supermarkets and malls, taxi parks and bus parks, places of worship, education institutions and other public places.
Urging everybody to be vigilant and conscious about their surroundings at all times, especially to identify strange and suspicious abandoned items, or packages e.g. bags, cars, boxes, unexpected gifts, flowers, flasks, mails and parcels, abandoned suitcases, dust bins, electronics, i.e. radios watches, cameras, mobile phones, television etc and any other items with loose or strange wires attached.
Reporting strange and suspicious looking people and to demand for their identity and inform any Local Council official or the nearest police post and any security officer in the vicinity.
All organizers of public events such as parties, concerts, open air public prayers, sports and social gatherings should involve the Police in the planning and preparation of the events.
The Police and other security officers will immediately begin visiting places of entertainment and social gatherings, bars, hotels, supermarkets and malls, taxi parks and bus parks, places of worship, educational institutions, hospitals, stadia, camping sites, restaurants, public buildings, and markets, to ensure that there are adequate security arrangements in place
The Uganda Police has set up the following toll free lines for the public to report relevant information of security nature:
Incident Room CPS – 0800199088
Mulago Casualty Unit – 0800199188
Media Centre – 0800199288
The Inspector General of the Uganda Police force Major General Kale Kayihura has reassured the public about government’s determination to defeat these acts of terrorism so as to maintain the safety of both the visitors and citizens of Uganda.

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