Friday, July 2, 2010

When LC 1 Chairpersons prove inefficient because they want VOTES!

If it were possible to go back to the local governance system that was in place before the coming into office of the NRM where we would have village and parish chiefs appointed by some authority, I think we would have better service delivery as compared to the current situation where the existing 'illegal' LC's are not able to stand on their feet and say a no to the wrongs going on in their areas of jurisdiction, simply because they don't want to annoy the voters who may end up denying them votes come 2011.
A case in point is Kajjansi trading centre where the petty traders who had been got off the road side that is along Nakigalala road are slowly and steadily coming back and no body seems to raise a finger! This is a narrow road where at times the vehicles make such a jam that even affects vehicles on Entebbe Highway. Those who go to St. Mary's Kitende Secondary know this alternative route which is equally used by those going to Kiwanirembe. We simply should not sit back and see chaos because we have LC's who fear to annoy the electorate. When it comes to garbage, it is equally bad news. The authorities in Wakiso ought to do something. I hope the situation may not be very different in other parts of the country.

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