Thursday, July 22, 2010


Around Lweza; Bweya and nearby environments in Ssisa Sub – county (Wakiso district), UMEME are replacing old electric poles, but what is unfortunate is that they seem least concerned about the duration they will take to complete the exercise which calls for switching off power daily from the morning and it is switched back averagely after 6.00pm.
I saw a vehicle whose first impression was that of a near DMC but had been used to carry heavy logs to Muchanga; thank God; the vehicle arrived and offloading was done! One wonders how a company as concrete can sample vehicles for such contracts when some are near DMC’s if not DMC’s! These electric poles should be delivered by a heavy truck in very good mechanical condition and such a truck should have the ability to offload using a system on the lorry as breakdowns. That a part, logs are manually removed from the truck and pilled at one site from where they again use a pick up or some other light truck, fix the log in an inclined position and are able to move it to the site where it is to be erected. This exercise is really time consuming yet if better equipped companies were deployed much more would be done. It is sad to see a whole month passes by as you are having your end switched off daily so that poles can be erected when those erecting them don’t consider that power is very crucial if people are to earn from the undertakings they have at hand.

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