Sunday, July 24, 2011


Business goes on as usual at Kajjansi Trading centre, but the place is on a time bomb in the form of high tension cable that is exposed and all the time workers on drainage are in the area, one is not sure that an explosion will not go off.
I don't know how many times i will address this matter before the concerned authorities do something about it. I feel I am tired.

As a measure to reduce on accidents as people cross the road at Kajjansi trading centre, a bridge was constructed. When the work was complete, the high tension wires were put in a cable and now they are passing underground. However, it is like Umeme may not be doing regular checks on this installation which could soon or later prove a time bomb moreso that it is going through a waterlogged place. The most deadly area is where this cable is crossing a drainage channel and the debris which is moved in this channel has eaten away the plastic cover on top of this cable! Unfortunately, fellows working nearby don’t know how deadly this area can be.
Can Umeme or other concerned do something urgently, and may be it would be best to demarcate the whole area through which this cable passes so that petty business people keep away.
2ndly, it is not unusual for power to get off at Kajjansi trading centre either due to technical problems or over load and one time a truck popularly known as ‘magulu kumi’crashed into an electric pole and explosions were experienced. In such instances, the popular ‘kamyuffu’ are the relief. It is overdue for Umeme to have a resident office in Kajjansi trading centre instead of waiting to get calls from Kajjansi when there are power related problems. Can management look into this.

William Kituuka.

DEAD: The body of a UEDCL man held between the wires
Monday, 7th July, 2003

By Geoffrey Kamali
TWO electricians with the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company (UEDCL) died yesterday while repairing a faulty high voltage power line in Kajjansi on the Kampala-Entebbe highway.
The men were fixing the 33KV power-line when power was switched back from the control room at Lugogo.
A third man, whose identity could not be established, was hurled down by the high voltage but survived.
Police identified the deceased as Salim Lubega, who died on the spot and the other only by his nickname, Makanika.
“Somehow, somebody back at the control room switched back the power before they finished,” a grief-stricken colleague said amidst sobs.
Lubega’s body turned white, his left hand was scalded and his shirt partly burnt. His body hung from the wires as firefighters awaited clearance from the control room. The body was removed after three hours.
Makanika died on the way to Mulago hospital.
This the second incident in which UEDCL electricians have been electrocuted in the city in two months. Last month, another electrician was electrocuted at Kalerwe.

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