Thursday, May 19, 2011


Kampala is a real shame to Uganda. It is hard to imagine that vehicles along Ben Kiwanuka can be at one spot for more than 30 minutes, may be it gets to an hour moreso after 5pm. The wise thing for the managers of the city is to manage the city without external interference say from UTODA. We know very well that UTODA are running a tender and have their bosses as Kampala City council. We have to put politics apart and have the city run professionally. If any de-congestion can be done, let it be. It has been proposed to have many of the taxis stop out of the city so that we get the city commuters and those for up country routes. It is time to implement this. Surely it should not be a punishment for one to go to Kampala for business.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka


Kampala Capital City Authority is spending 77 million shillings on the venue for the swearing-in ceremony of Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

The ceremony will be held on the 20th of May in the mayor’s gardens at city hall.

Jennifer Ssemakula Musisi, the Executive Director Kampala Capital City Authority, says part of the money is being spent on cleaning the compounds, gardens, clearing bushy trees, leveling the pathways, painting the lord mayor’s offices and other smaller repairs in the deputy mayor’s offices.

She says the option of renting another venue for the swearing-in ceremony was abandoned and the money instead shifted to work on beatifying the city hall premises.

Musisi is optimistic that central government will fund the city authority although she says under the transitional arrangement, she can still operate on the former allocations of Kampala City Council.

She says KCC had budgeted for the same amount of money under the maintenance department but was not used.
Two weeks ago donkey work started at the city authority.

There was creation of more office space at the office of the director and hurried painting of the of the mayor’s office block.

Councilor Bernard Luyiga representing Makerere University, says under the new law councilors are no longer being consulted on the city expenditure.

Luyiga says although councilors are elected by the people, their roles of questioning about the city expenditure have been taken away under the new authority.

Kampala Capital City Act 2010 came into effect on the 1st of March, legally ending the former Kampala City Council.

Jennifer Musisi says she has been entrusted with transforming an organization with significant challenges characterized by poor service delivery, inefficient systems and a demoralized workforce.URN

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  1. lukwago you are just mindful of your so called poor vendors/voters/power
    Im sick of your wrangles of who has much and who doesnt.
    We ugandans are only looking at deliverance and visible changes in the city