Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I had opportunity to get someone versed with the marking of UNEB Examinations tell me that some schools have as many as 10 examiners and these have a lot of advantage. he gave me an example where in replying to the Question: Amin had to be overthrown discuss. That the UNEB 'discuss' in this case had only the side that Amin had to be overthrown,those who handled this question the normal way giving two sides could not get full marks. It is also clear that when UNEB makes adjustments,there are a few privileged schools with examiners that get the information timely and do as expected. The truth is that UNEB needs to review the way it does examination business. It is getting cler that even the booklets which students cherish to reduce reading big volumes have been found wanting in some instances such that when students answer questions as per those booklets they end up failing the questions given the UNEB approach. It is also clear that people who have to do with exams leak some information on what is expected giving opportunity to some students to excel while others just fail. the examples are many which call for UNEB reviewing what they are doing.

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