Sunday, May 29, 2011


Dr. Muyingo's office at Uganda Martyrs Namugongo was simply tick. I visited the school on a Career's Day but to date, I have never forgotten the impression of the Head teacher's office. Dr. Muyingo has the challenge to see that the Government implements a worthy Educational Loan scheme. The problem NRM Government has is failure to take on professional advice. The scheme is very workable if it is not politically messed up that is why its management should be left to professionals not political opportunists. Dr. Muyingo s taking on the Ministry at a time when cheating to pass exams is real. It is likely that much of the cheating has the role of politicians who have infested nearly every thing in Uganda. Hopefully,the Doctor will help to see as top to the so-called Government sponsorship which only promotes more cheating to pass exams. He has the challenge to see the useless forth at HSC get scrapped.

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