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1. Michael Owot (22) – Was born in 1942 in Gulu. Had Primary Education at Gulu Catholic School, and then went to Gulu High School for two years in Secondary. In 1956, he was admitted to St. Mary’s College Kisubi in S1, but his stay was short lived because of financial problems. He left the College and joined Fatima Primary Teachers’ Training College qualifying as a Primary Teacher. He taught for a year, and went to Ngora T.T.C for upgrading. In 1963, he was re-admitted to SMACK in S3. Exactly a week before sitting for his Senior Cambridge Exams, he was called to the Almighty God. May he have eternal rest. Address: Mr. Paulo Obwoya, P.O. Box 241, Gulu.
By Eddi Mpindi S IV B (1964).
2. Francis Bbosa (18) – S3 Born in 1946 in Busujju. Lost his father when he was 5 years old, and his poor mother took to care for him. At 7 years, he went to Malangala Primary School where he studied up to Primary 3. He went to Kkonge where he completed his primary school and went for his Junior Education at Katende. In 1962, he was admitted to SMACK. He was committed to his work and admired by many students. On the fateful 14th November 1964, the Good Lord called him. Address: Mr. B. Ddamulira, P.O. Box 41, Mpigi.
By Lutaya Kayemba S 3 1964
3. Egidio Obella (18) - S3 Born on August 16 1947. He was the eldest in his family. He was from Atutur, Kumi County. His father Faustino Iyama was a Tailor in Bukedea and Kumi. Began studies at 5 years at Tororo Primary School, he left for Kaconga Primary School and he sat his Primary Leaving Examination from there in 1959. In 1960, he joined St. Luwanga’s Junior Secondary School at Bukedea. In 1962, he was admitted at St. Mary’s College Kisubi. He ranked among the brightest students in his class. At that time, Mr Daniel Itala a County Chief of Usur was his benefactor. Egidio was a very sociable person, used to wear a smiling face, he was sincere and honest, and a friend indeed. May his soul rest in peace. Address: Mr. Faustin Iyama, P.O. Kumi, Teso.
By Clerence Fernandes S3 1964
4. Philip K. Kirumira (19) – S3 Son of Mr John Kibirige of Lyantonde village, Kabula County. He was born in 1944. Had his Primary and Junior Secondary at Rubaga. In 1961 he was admitted at SMACK. At school, he took great interest in Swimming and was soon a star of the College. He represented Kakooza House in the inter-house competitions. He represented his House at various sporting events, of which Football was his favourite. He had been nicknamed “Jolly Boy”. By the time of his death, he was one of the members of the Sailing Club of the College. His sister, a teacher at Rubaga was his benefactor. On November 14 1964, this young man, with eleven others met their death in a tragic accident 12 miles Entebbe Highway. At 191/2 years, the Almighty God called him. Address: Mr. John. Kibirige, Kibisi, P.O. Lyantonde.
By Gerald Mike Kayondo S3 1964
5. Joseph Yawe (19) – S2 Yawe was kind, obedient, jolly, generous, honest, tolerant, simple, cooperative and friendly. He was indeed an intelligent person. For his Primary Leaving Examinations, out of 64 pupils in Primary Six, he was first, and also the best in the whole of Singo County. He was a member of Lourdel House. In class he used to help who ever called for his assistance since he was good at nearly all subjects. He tolerated disturbance by fellow students. He was an asset for his house, Lourdel where not only did he do athletics, but was good at Chess and Football. Eternal Rest grant to him O Lord. Address: Mr. John Sajjabbi, P.O. Kassanda.
By G.M.B. Mubiru S2B 1964
6. Romano K.K. Nsobya (18) - S2 He was born in the County of Gomba at Bukalagi in 1946. He was the first born of his family. He went to Bukalagi Primary School at the age of 8. He was a clever child with good conduct. He used to be on average 3rd up to 8th in class. On completion of primary six he joined Savio Junior Secondary School, during which time he was head prefect at the school. He joined SMACK in 1963. He was soon found to have an outstanding talent in Football. He was much more of an Arts student, and more often than not used to be 1st in English Language, English Literature, History and Religion. He was good at Drama and participated in inter house competitions for Mugwanya. “On Saturday 14 November, Romano made his last appearance in class in the afternoon, he was revising Biology with a view of making up for the time he was going to lose that evening,” says P.K.Nsimbe who saw him. Romano was destined to meet his death that evening! Address: Mr. Roman Bakunga, P.O. Kanoni, via Bukalagi.
By P.K. Nsimbe S2 B 1964
7. Moris J. K. Kitimbo (18) - S2 Was son of Mr Cipriano Kitimbo. He was born September 22 1945, at Kamuli Mission. In 1960 he joined Kamuli Junior Secondary School. He was good at Volley Ball, Hockey and Swimming. He sat for his senior entrance exams in November 1961 and joined St. Mary’s College in 1962. He proved very religious minded. He was member of Y.C.S, the Chapel Choir, the Music Society and served Mass. Address: Mr. Syprian Kitimbo, P.O. Box 77, Kamuli. By Nabangi Fabian S4 1964
8. M.M. Victor Kagaba (16) - S1 Was from Kigezi District. He was simple, cheerful and many students loved him. He had funny jokes with the tutors and was polite as well as obedient to them. The senior one class lost one of its cheerful, good-mannered and well-behaved boy. May the Almighty God grant him eternal rest in heaven. Address: Mr. Daniel Mulekezi, P.O. Box 103, Kabale.
9. Jack. Vincent Oryema – (16) - S1 Was son of Mr Cirilo Olange a Police Constable at Mbale. By the time of his death, he was 16 years and came from Acholi. He was at St. Joseph’s Junior Secondary School, Gulu Mission, completed his secondary education at Lacor Junior Secondary School, and was accepted at St. Mary’s in 1964. During his ten months stay at SMACK, he was pleasant, co-operative, kind, and a lover of music. His favourite sport was Football. He was a good companion and very amusing. Address: Mr. Cirilo Olange, C/O J. Ojara, P.O. Box 35, Gulu.
By Daniel Omara Atubo S2 1964
10. Remigio Ssemakula – (18) - S1 Was born at Kiweesa village about 20 miles from Masaka town. He started his studies late, but managed to pull through. He had his primary at Bakijjulula then Junior Secondary School at Savio. In 1964, he was among the 33 students from Savio who were admitted to SMACK. He had wished to be an Engineer a profession he loved. He liked reading novels, music and Kiganda dance. He had courage and concern about the welfare of others, which he practiced even at his last hour when he helped some of his companions who were involved in the accident before he succumbed to his injuries. May God rest his soul in peace. Address: Mr. Valeriano Ssajjabi, P.O. Box 520, Masaka.
11. John Kayira – (14) - S1 was 14 years when he died. He was a cheerful boy. He attended primary at Kamodo in Teso and after six years, he joined Savio School. He was granted a State Scholarship by the Uganda Government. Unfortunately, he enjoyed just a fraction of his grant! He had extra interest in Swimming, and never missed Swimming whenever there was a chance. He liked Table Tennis too. He used to call friends by their nicknames. He had given himself the name Electric Boy, and one time he tried to make an Electric bell. He had real love for Physics. He used to amuse his classmates a lot, and hence very popular. His death was a loss to all his classmates. Let’s pray for his soul. Address: Mr. Joseph Zikusoka, P.O. Serere, Soroti.
By Jos Rontgen Bukenya S1A 1964
12. Ladislaos Kamya – (18) - S1 (Photo of Ladislaos Kamya ) was 18 years by the time of his death. He was born in Ssese Islands on Buggala Island, near the Sub-county headquarters. Had his primary school at Bumangi in Ssese, then went to Kitovu for his Junior Secondary Education, which he completed at Savio School. He then joined SMACK, where he died in the tragic accident of November 1964. He used to smile a lot and had good jokes and was popular among students, and would attract crowds. He had good memory of class work with favourite subject as Mathematics where he spent good time solving numbers. He was good at Swimming and liked Volleyball as well as Athletics. He had his God at heart and was very active at Holy Mass, and would rarely miss rosary. Address: Sebakaki E. Kakize, Buggala, Ssese Islands.
By L.C. Yiga S1 1964

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