Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hon. Betty Kamya proposes that the people of Uganda being the taxpayers should opt to withdraw their labour and or not open their business premises to starve the Government of tax money out of which resources the Government is harassing them. I wish to inform Betty that many Ugandans survive a day;that is,they don't have savings and hence have to work each and every day to make a living. You realize,the children are back for holidays and the parents without looking to any body else have to pay for all the children needs.
The sensible thing is for Government to do what is expected,to address the concerns of the people. The current problemwe are in is adirect creation of the NRM Government by pumping billions of money into circulation among other things to bribe the voters.
Until we get leaders who observe the norms expected of Good Governance,we shall never get out the mess we are in.
The message for Easter is for our leaders to re-gain their senses.Y ou can sincerely not have the whole world. The best is to go by established norms,short of that,they are wasting time.

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