Saturday, June 4, 2011


Many people may not appreciate how much the use of the Internet can help children from primary level on wards. There is a lot of learning facilitation. It is only that many of our teachers are as miserable as the Uganda economy in that they don't know what the Internet is all about, secondly, many school owners go with what is going, in that when they hear that such a thing is going to help the children register more passes then they will run for that. It is true that the Internet can help many more children appreciate learning. Today, some lessons are on You tube and they are good. If you are looking for primary leaving past papers you can be sure of getting them from a link like the one below:

If only the Government of Uganda can help as many schools get Internet connection at affordable rates, chances that children will learn better will be enhanced. The variety as offered on the Internet is a challenge which however can be exploited to better our education and learning of innovations. Many children can pay for time in the cafes at school if they are not really expensive. They can pay from pocket money and it can really pay off. Some teachers may not like the children acces to the net as it is one way to have children in touch with parents, but that out look to life has to change with the times.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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