Sunday, June 12, 2011


I find it shameful that the Government of Uganda which Museveni alleges to be the most democratic can sit back and leave rents due to Buganda Government accumulate. President Museveni should clearly come out and open to tell the people of Uganda why his Government should continue renting properties of Buganda Government without paying. It is sad. Time is now for the Parliament of Uganda to make a decision before passing the budget. They have the mandate to see where the Government spends its money. Monies due to Buganda Government should be paid unconditionally.
If Government continues reluctant to pay what is due to Mengo, I don't see why Mengo does not terminate the tenancy agreements.
There is a lot that the premises can be put to. We could start training institutes in a number of these premises instead of having a tenant who is not paying and unbothered.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka


Robert Mwanje

24 November 2009
Kampala — The Central government has accumulated Shs8 billion in unpaid rent arrears it owes Buganda Kingdom, officials at Mengo have said. In her recent presentation to Lukiiko members, Buganda Kingdom treasurer, Ms Nagawa Mukasa indicated that the kingdom will thrive on leasing her land as one of the major sources of revenue to support her projects.
Despite the halfhearted relationship between the Buganda kingdom and central government, half of the kingdom's budget projections for the 2009/10 financial year is expected from the government donations and payments from property occupied by government organs. "If the government does clearing our debts, we shall be running a deficit budget," Ms Nagawa said.
Lukiiko members want the kingdom to take legal actions against the government following its failure to clear an outstanding Shs8 billion debt. The Presidential Press Secretary Mr Tamale Mirundi said government was ready and willing to pay the arrears. "The President is committed to pay because he wants these institutions to survive," Mr Mirundi said.

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