Sunday, January 30, 2011


The death of Gloria Kyasimire is very sad and unfortunate, however, the move the MP is taking looks like a strategy to 'loot' tax payers' money if I may call it so. When one is an MP in a sick country like Uganda, the chances of dying even when one would not die may be about 50%. This is because of the circumstances the Health workers are in. Given that Gloria is with her creator, the good MP would do one thing, and that is to campaign against Museveni with the reason that if an MP could get his wife die the way she did, what about the other people who NRM "Museveni's" administration has turned to near paupers? The Doctors are among those who need to take children to good schools so that these can get the education to see them good professionals, but how many can survive on the merger pay by the NRM Government? It is time to take children back to school, where do these people get the millions to take children to good schools? If a nurse is given that little pay why shouldn't you expect to get a patient dying when she may have gone on an empty stomach? Let us be reasonable and use our heads right that way we shall find lasting solutions. The money the MP wants can do much more and may be he ia a beneficiary of shs 20m bribe from Government.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka

Sunday, 30th January, 2011
By Zamu Naluwooza
A member of the East African Legislative Assembly, Bernard Mulengani, has sued Mulago Hospital and AAR health services over the death of his wife.
Gloria Kyasimire died on February 7 at Mulago Hospital due to a blood mismatch shortly after a transfusion.
Mulengani, who filed the suit in the High Court, is seeking compensation of sh542,018,700.
The MP said the death of his wife was occasioned by the negligence of Mulago Hospital and AAR staff.
He contends that AAR classified her blood group as B+ when she was O+.
“AAR mixed it up the blood samples. They marked the blood sample of another patient with the name of my wife,” Mulengani said.
Mulengani said between 2009 and 2010, the deceased got antenatal services from AAR.
“In January 2010, she developed complications with her pregnancy and was admitted twice to Mulago. But one week after the second discharge, the same problem re-occurred, where upon she was re-admitted to Mulago. The doctors negligently carried out an operation, resulting into her death,” Mulengani said.
He accused Mulago of failing to read records of previous births by the deceased in the same hospital and relied on the records of AAR.
The MP also accused Mulago of failing to diagnose the cause of bleeding for a month and prematurely discharging his wife.
Mulengani also accused the hospital of refusing to accept his offer to donate blood and failing to stock blood.
Attempts to reach officials from AAR and Mulago Hospital were futile.

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