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As a Crusader for Good Governance, I cannot sit back as see MPs degenerate to objects to be used by the NRM Government for agenda they are bound to regret after when they regain their senses after eating shs 20 million bribe. When we say that the NRM Government Expired, we mean it. Those people who set two terms for an average leader were not stupid. We are the ones who degenerate to the extent of bearing no shame even when we do unthinkable things.
What the electorate of Uganda ought to do is simple; get whoever has eaten the shs 20 million into retirement, these are useless legislators who will late all rubbish go through because they are enslaved. Our country desires better that expired stuff. If the NRM MPs think it is logical to eat that money and pretent that it was used for NAADS yet when NAADS has people qualified to do the work, the best is not to vote these people because merely eating shs 20m shows how much a liability they have become.
If shs 20m is divided into shs 50,000 and given to women with a little skill, such women may be able to earn shs 3,000 from such money and the lives would be better and 400 such women can benefit, yet NRM Government has given this money to bribe each MP beneficiary. If the shs 20m to about 300 MPs were given out in shs 50,000 to women, at least 120,000 would stand to benefit. Let Ugandans not vote for people who are a liability to the future of the country.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka
By Editor on Jan 21, 2011

MORE Opposition and NRM MPs have vowed to refund sh20m that was given to them by Parliament.
A number of MPs interviewed described the offer as a “bribe” for passing the over sh600billion supplementary budget early this month.
Last week, the Parliamentary Commission paid sh20m to all MPs to facilitate them to monitor government projects. However, the money according to MPs interviewed was taxed, and MPs received only sh14m.
Chief Whip speaks
Speaking from Terego in Arua district, Opposition Chief Whip Kassiano Wadri said he will return the money as soon as he is in Kampala.
“I have not checked on my account for some time, but believe that the money is there. I will return it immediately I come back to Kampala,” Kassiano said.
He explained that opposition parties agreed that all their members should not accept such monies. Sources within FDC said they had received an earlier warning from the party’s secretary general Alice Alaso last month not to receive that money.
Two NRM legislators have also vowed to return the money back to Parliament. The outspoken, Rubanda West MP Henry Banyenzaki and Winfred Niwaga of Ndorwa East, described the offer as ‘witchcraft, which they believe will cause many causalities in the party.
NRM Mps also not happy
Banyenzaki and Niwaga said that the timing of the money was not good and that the money is a ‘bribe’ rewarded to them in appreciation for endorsing the supplementary budget.
“We have been MPs for the last four years, has government just realised that it is necessary to facilitate us? Why didn’t it the beginning of the term of this Parliament? There is something cynical behind this money. I have instructed my bank to send it back to the sender,” said Banyenzaki.
Another outspoken legislator, Theodore Ssekikubo (Ssembabule) had not yet taken a decision, but said he will look at the guidelines on how to spend the money, and then take a decision.
Lukwago to keep money
However, Kampala central MP Erias Lukwago opposed the idea of returning the money, saying that it will be misused by some officials.
He suggested that it would have been better for all the opposition legislators to open a pool account to deposit that money and then agree on something else to do with the money.
“It is unfortunate that a decision by the opposition has been taken, because I am totally against the idea of refunding that money. There are some many ways of how that money can be put to maximum utilisation,” Lukwago said.
He added, “We can use that money to build schools, health centres in areas like Karamoja or northern Uganda. The same money can be used to purchase heart surgery equipments in Mulago to save people who can’t afford millions of money for treatment in India,”
He pointed out that since the opposition to which he belongs to had already taken a decision, will refund the money next week.
Anywar sets pace
Kitgum Woman MP Beatrice Anywar became the first opposition MP on Thursday to return the money. Anywar while handing over the money to Parliament said her conscious could not allow her spend the money.
Parliament Commission on January 15 paid at least sh6.5b to 326 MPs’ accounts. According to payment vouchers seen, the money was paid as allowance to monitor government programmes. Of those who promised to refund the money said they don’t understand which programmes they have been paid for to monitor.
MPS busy in campaigns
MP Yokosi Bwambale Bihande (Bukonjo East-FDC) who also promised to return the money next week noted that since all MPs were busy in campaigns, the money will not be appropriately utilised.
“Parliament is ending, all MPs busy in campaign. They will not be free until after election. When shall spend that money on monitoring? How shall safe guard that money given the expenditures during campaigns,” Bwambale wondered.
Another MP Elijah Okupa (Kasilo East-FDC) said he had not received his but promised to return it as soon as he gets it. “That was a bribe. Why should I take it? I will return it,” Okupa said.
Uganda People’s Congress and Democratic Party whips, Livingstone Okello Okello and Mathias Nsubuga, said they were not aware of the money, but promised to consult their party members before a decision is taken.

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