Thursday, January 27, 2011


It started with President Museveni nominating Kiggundu and Commissioners for another term. People raised concerns, but Museveni kept to his guns and Kiggundu is in control. There was registration of new voters and what people did not take seriously is the opening of new areas for registration among these the City Square. Now we see Voter cards are not being delivered and it is as if the Voter cards and National ID project were twin projects. We learnt that Kiggundu had discovered about 1 million ghosts and he alleges to have removed them. No prosecution and no body knows how he cam e across such ghosts no did he get the public to know them. He now says that registers are to be displayed 2 weeks to polls. Ugandans ought to scrutinize these registers because we are fed up of being taken for fools simply because NRM wants to remain in power. We are now aware that youths are being recruited and the purpose why the polls are expected to be violent is a concern by many. And now how can Ugandans be sure that the register Kiggundu is to display will carry th same names as that of 18th February?
Why don't the Uganda Voters decide to boycott the elections until what is wrongly done is rectified. We need to be more vigilant. Enough is enough, taking people for a ride yet when they are in need of a change. President Museveni has been in for more than two decades, those in sound mind know that the President of Uganda should be in office for a maximum of 10 consecutive years. Who has brains and cannot see that?

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