Wednesday, March 2, 2011


At around 3.00am Thursday, 17, February 2011, a day to the Uganda's General Election, Rogers Sekibaala breathed his last while in the hands of his mother Mrs Kitanda. Rogers started feeling unwell the day he collected the results of his S.4 students of St. Benadate S.S. Kyengera. He was unable to reach school, so the school secretary collected the results from the parents' home of Rogers. The sickness which Rogers first felt through the foot rose up to his buttocks, the case got very serious after midnight until he died.
I met Rogers at Namirembe Guest House where his mother Mrs Kitanda was incharge of a Children's Learning/Resource Centre. Thereafter, we met when he had completed his degree at Makerere. Rogers was an industrous young man who from the word go wanted to start his own school. It is unfortunate that he is dead.
Rogers Sekibaala was Born on 5th October 1974 and Died on 17th February 2011
My the Almighty God Bless Rogers' Soul in eternal peace.


  1. Rogers happened to have got at least two recorded accidents while having a ride on a motor cycle which was his means of travel to work. It is possible that as a result of these accidents, a blood clot formed and as it moved, he got a lot of pain and finally it was in the heart. This is a possible theory, but God knows the truth.

    In the circumstances, i pray for mother who was so attached to Rogers and was greatly impressed by rogers' innovations, and on some occasions featured together on student career sessions. It is a great loss. To the family, Rogers' departure leaves behind a big vacuum, but with prayer, the vacuum will be overcome.
    The moments I spent with rogers' mother brought back those memories of Rogers and it was not easy to figure out what the family was going through, however, it was very encouraging to have some prayer with Mrs. Kitanda, mother of the deceased as was bidding her farewell after a short visit to say sorry to the family.
    Willy Kituuka

  2. so sad , may his soul rest in internal peace

  3. its because we lack the best equipment to handle such cases other wise he should have been saved if we had the necessary qualified doctors and equipment, so sad though may his soul rest in internal peace

  4. Eish Am so Speechless But what I have to say about my Big Brother is MAY HE'S SOUL REST IN PEACE 🕊️🕊️🕊️🙏🙏🙏