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Church of Uganda MUST de-flock Bakaluba Mukasa

Bakaluba Mukasa

Betty Bakireke seen smiling; she has a gree Gomesi dotted with white the Democratic Party Colours

Controversies surrounding the likes of Rev. Bakaluba Mukasa are part of the reason why the Church of Uganda MUST act to discipline those in its ranks to maintain credibility in very testing times when immorality and corruption are the order of the day.

It can be remembered that the leaders of the east African Revival Movement (Popularly known as balokole) started the revival to counter corruption which had penetrated the Church this was around 1930; now how can the likes of Bakaluba be left to use and misuse the Church authority with impunity! It is unfortunate that Bakaluba Mukasa is now an icon of corruption, lack of trust and a very un-honest man who cannot lead the flock any more as a Reverend in the Church of Uganda. What can he preach now?

According to the Court findings in Nambooze Vs Bakaluba Mukasa petition; it is very clear that there were electoral offences where the Reverend was found guilty and as a man of God, he at least should not have agreed to stand again. Secondly, what transpired in the elections of Mukono North for which Nambooze petitioned are part of the evidence that is testimony that the NRM party uses the Electoral Commission for its own ends.

The Reverend is standing again when it is clear that given the liabilities of the court case, there are astronomical sums which the party is ready to help him. At least if he has the moral authority to determine his destiny, he would not have the strength to stand again against the evidence adduced.

Bakaluba is a real liability to the Church of Uganda, and the only way to go is to de – flock him.

William Kituuka

NRM chooses Bakaluba as flag-bearer
By Herbert Mugagga (email the author)

Posted Thursday, April 22 2010 at 00:00

The National Resistance Movement has endorsed Rev. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa to be its flag-bearer in the coming Mukono North by-election.

“The electoral law allows a political party to field only one candidate and in our case, following consultations with members and following the Supreme Court decision, we find nothing legal or political in the ruling that bars him from standing, NRM deputy spokesperson Ofwono Opondo told Daily Monitor yesterday.
He said: “So we have decided as a party that unless he declines, Rev Bakaluba is our official candidate.”

The Supreme Court on March 30 confirmed the decision of the Court of Appeal and the High Court nullifying Bakaluba’s election as Mukono North MP on grounds of bribery and electoral mal-practices.
But said Opondo: “The people of Mukono have decided that Rev. Bakaluba Mukasa will be our flag-bearer.

“I can assure you Bakaluba is going to defeat (Democratic Party’s Betty Nambooze. There is no DP in Mukono town council. There’s no FDC in Mukono town council,” Mr Opondo said, dispelling unconfirmed reports that the party had carried out research which showed Rev. Bakaluba stood no chance of winning a by-election against Ms Nambooze.

Uganda: By-Election in Offing As Bakaluba is Shown Exit

Yasiin Mugerwa

13 April 2010
Parliament yesterday wrote to the Electoral Commission declaring Mukono County North Constituency vacant, four days after Speaker Edward Ssekandi asked Mr Bakaluba Mukasa to vacate the House.

"In accordance with Clause (2) Article 81 of the Constitution, I wish to notify you that a vacancy has occurred in Mukono County North, which Hon. Bakaluba was representing in Parliament," Acting Clerk to Parliament Paul Wabwire's letter to EC Chairman Badru Kiggundu reads in part.
In the letter written yesterday, Mr Wabwire adds: "The commission is therefore requested to organise and conduct a by-election to fill the vacancy so that the people of Mukono County North can continue to be represented in Parliament."

While Mr Kiggundu had not yet received his letter by yesterday evening, he told Daily Monitor that a by-election will be conducted within 60 days from the date the commission will receive the notification from Parliament.
On April 6, the Supreme Court wrote to the Speaker Ssekandi notifying him that an appeal between MP Bakaluba and Betty Nambooze was determined on March 31 in which the appeal was dismissed and upheld the decision of the lower court that had nullified the former's election.

Double jeopardy

The Court of Appeal and the High Court had agreed with the petitioner, Democratic Party's Nambooze that Mr Bakaluba had bribed his way to victory in 2006. The law gives Parliament two weeks from judgment within which to communicate to the EC, of the existence of a vacancy in the House.

A by-election can only be organised if there are at least six months to the expiry of the term of the House. Ms Nambooze's lawyers have also asked the DPP to cause prosecution of Mr Bakaluba on bribery charges.

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