Saturday, April 3, 2010

We shall keep opposing President Museveni until…

While President Museveni is still in power, I wish to appeal to him to
modernize the jails because he can be sure that we shall keep opposing
his strategies as they are characteristic of leaders of the 60’s, they
are not dot com! He is not a man of this era, otherwise he would heed
to a lot of advice. Leaders of this era cannot tell people wrongs,
for instance; ‘this is my last term’ but keep on postponing. For the
sake of those who firmly say, ‘enough is enough’ with President
Museveni, at least his ¼ a century as a leader of Uganda has done
enough harm, I appeal that he modernizes the cells for us, because
this country can be a better place for many currently impoverished by
NRM policies. Uganda is not a company where the Chief Executive is at
liberty to make any decision, whether it is detrimental to the company
or not. We cannot have new districts every other day, it simply
cannot work. Government can not use such a policy which impoverishes
people every other day and imagine that those who went to school were
just there to beat mosquitoes. We have ideas which we believe the
country as impoverished by NRM needs to benefit from.

I don’t know whether any body in NRM is happy with disasters everyday.
Impoverished people are sacrificing others; parents selling children
to survive because NRM has taken away every hope from them.
Sincerely, we deserve better. Even though President Museveni has so
much love for power, at least he should heed to advice; not to create
districts for the sake of his calculation for reduced support. We are
fed up of being impoverished, yet some people who are looting tax
payers’ resources are having their bellies swell; with the sources of
their riches not easy to establish.

William Kituuka

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