Monday, April 5, 2010

Moringa Project Proposal

I want to be an entrepreneur to increase the production capacity in Uganda of nutritive food through the enrichment of food by addition of Moringa oleifera Leaf Powder for a more healthy population. Working for someone normally does not give one the opportunity to exploit his whole potential. Being an entrepreneur will give me opportunity to drive my idea home of Fortifying with Moringa Leaf Powder. I will help the marketing of Moringa where farmers are having no monetary value from the trees on their farms. The business will counter the deficiency in the nutritional value of what many people eat today given the problems of affording a balanced diet. Given the nutritional value of Moringa Leaf Powder, by incorporating it into various foods, the consumer will be able to better balance the nutritional food value. The enrichment of foods with Moringa Leaf Powder will gradually render the importation of vitamin A not necessary. Powder on retail is expensive Moringa Fortification will add a small price increment to non-fortified food. This business when done on a big scale has capacity to generate foreign exchange as many food products from Uganda go to neighbouring countries. I hope to succeed in this business because its results are easy to see. When you have a malnourished patient and she takes food enriched with Moringa Powder you can easily see her get healthy, more energetic and with improved appetite. Publicity of the innovation with its results for all to see and cheaply to the consuming public should yield positive results as response by consumers.


  1. You are blessed! How is your project? We are doing something similar here in Nigeria.

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