Saturday, April 3, 2010

My version why Uganda has failed to develop

My version of why Uganda has failed to develop
1) People the electorate have their wishes to be better governed, but
those they elect, with the assumption that they know more, refuse to
deliver what the electorate wish hence failure to develop;
2) Our leaders don’t want to take professional advice. When they get
to power, more often than not, they see themselves as a jack of all
3) Many of the leaders we elect are interested in initiating their own
development models, and this experimentation is greatly responsible
for failed development;
4) Our leaders are outright corrupt. It is simply because they are
corrupt that corruption flourishes;
5) Our leaders see planning as a luxury, hence push through things
unplanned as if funds to get the projects moving will come from
6) Much of what our leaders tell us is lies. If leaders can give
wrong growth figures; you can be sure that what they provide is an
illusion to donors and the international community;
7) Our leaders are so interested in sorting/fixing other people’s
problems hence spending resources their as their own people languish
in poverty;
8) Our leaders have poor understanding of economics. Therefore, it is
no surprise that political wishes dictates over economic sense in much
of what they implement;
9) Our leaders are crisis leaders. They wait for problems and then
get to fix issues; instead of looking for the diagnosis of these
before they become problems;
10) Our leaders have least respect for the constitutions. They more
often than not prevail over the constitutions hence at liberty to
change them;

William Kituuka

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