Saturday, April 17, 2010

President Museveni's warnings

Sunday Vision of April 18 2010 quotes PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni to have asked cultural leaders to champion national unity and warned them against sowing discord among people of Uganda. He said this during the 15th coronation anniversary, locally known as Empango, celebrations of the Toro King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru on Saturday in Fort Portal. Cultural institutions, he said, were restored in Uganda for the purpose of uniting people in Uganda and the integration of the African continent. Museveni reminded the big gathering which included cultural leaders from different parts of Uganda and Africa people that there was resistance to restore the kingdoms in 1993. Kingdoms were constitutionally abolished in 1967 by then Uganda People’s Congress government infringing on the people’s right to culture. To reverse it the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government restored the cultural institutions and leaders.

The President recalled that despite the debate over the restoration of the cultural leaders he personally supported it with a view of cultural leaders fostering unity by emphasising the commonalities which link the various communities. He, however, expressed regret that some cultural leaders had gone against the original purpose of restoring the kingdoms and were promoting differences amongst the communities. Museveni warned that government would not allow any cultural leader who messes up this vision. “To support you (traditional leaders), was not (intended) to prove how separate we are; but what we share in common,” Museveni said. “Traditional institutions should not impede this integration.” He said that integration of African countries at regional and continental levels is important for the creation of wider markets for goods and services produced by African countries. He cited the regional cooperation existing amongst East African Community member states, which if politically federated under a single political structure, can boost trade and the region’s power to negotiate in international trade. King Oyo who ascended the throne at 3 also marked his 18th birthday, and now comes of age to administer the kingdom on his own. During the occasion he also ceremonially received the instruments of power to enable him administer his kingdom.”

President Museveni’s lectures are going to be a big problem to him more so when he gets out of power as they have a lot of controversies. He comes to tell the people to unite unfortunately, behind him are forces which are disuniting people and disintegrating them. It looks like what he tries to say is that he is free to do what he wishes but others have to be subject to what he thinks is good for them. The President seems to point a figure at the Kabaka of Buganda; he has forgotten that at some time during the bush war the role the people of Buganda played and the support of Mutebi were instrumental the NRM victory, so, the endorsement of the institution of traditional leaders was a reward which any reasonable leader would have endorsed a part from a few selfish fighters whose motive at the word go seems to have used the liberation to loot the country more so Buganda resources. Even if the President had not single handedly re – instated the institution; it is a right of the people to have their wishes endorsed by a Government of the people which is not dictatorial. While the President in his right can blame the Kabaka of Buganda, many of us see his mistakes as being responsible, and instead he has turned round to fight an innocent person who got to mobilize his people to produce given the poverty induced by the ill advised policies of President Museveni’s Government. To President Museveni, it is a right for leaders to change the Constitution of countries with turbulent history for selfish interests, but anyone who points a figure at such manipulation is a criminal!

Yes, the corruption which is the order of the day in Uganda is induced by what the leaders are doing. If whenever there is opportunity, those in Government want to make a quick difference and not give chance to democracy to prevail and peaceful change of leadership, what does the President expect Ugandans to do? He talks about bigger units beyond Uganda for markets but when you talk to him about federo, he says no, and this is the alpha and omega! The truth is that what ever President Museveni imagines that he did for this country is slowly and steadily being eroded by the misdeeds of his administration. At least his Government would have done another thing but not to stop on two occasions the Kabaka to visit areas within his cultural jurisdiction! The President is given all the respect as accorded by the Constitution, but should avoid getting involved in issues which show that he has clear sides against certain groups that he should endeavour to unite. It is very wrong for the President to assume that he can promote uncalled for hatred with the Kabaka of Buganda; and be seen to cripple the investment of the region and enjoy using the assets of Buganda but have his Government unconcerned about having the rents paid in reasonable time. Heis aware that all along the would be residence of the Katikiiro of Buganda is rented by his Government, but the Government is unconcerned about building the structure which is a substitute. So, however stupid we may be, some of these injustices are clear. If the Buganda radio had mistakes, is it the best option to close the radio and have over 100 employees on streets in a country that has failed to make good plans to see to employment of the youth. What about having disregard for the near to shs 1bn the station was making monthly? It is hard to forgive the Government for these; but hopefully at some point in time the good Lord will remember his innocent people. The President should be concerned that the Party which his fighters badly de-campaigned could easily have a leader replacing him! For those who remember the developments of the time, the NRM Government had to do away with the then uniform of the Police because the police was identified with UPC, though the uniform was smarter! They did not stop there; they went as far as having the registration of UPC go to motor cycles! Today, I don’t know whether it is good news to see a UPC candidate concerned about the welfare of Ugandans and competitive enough to take Presidency in a reasonably fair election! Many of us are convinced that the NRM Government has had all the opportunity to take on the good plans of development for the country, but unfortunately, greed; the want to make individual fortunes at the expense of the people of Uganda has eroded all the would be good in NRM administration. So, while the President is at liberty to warn whoever he wants to warn, he should know that the treatment of people like the Kabaka who people see as having concern about their welfare (as compared to his Government which taxes people so much and fails at service delivery) is so unfortunate and for a candidate who wants another term though his terms would have long ended is most unfortunate! In Uganda; we are a God fearing people, we have all the hope that that good Lord who gave President Museveni the wisdom to make it through the bush war and over the 24 years now, will help bail the people of Uganda who are only looking to God as things seem to have gone very wrong.

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