Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It is true, some boarding schools rob parents

You cannot believe the stocks of left over of what is collected from parents by some boarding schools when the term ends. Why on earth should a school collect soap from children and start rationing for them? May be it is acceptable for infants, but even students in secondary and upper primary? It disturbs to learn that when the term ends, some of these schools still have stores of things that were collected from parents, and what happens to these stocks? I have seen a room full of reams of paper that had been delivered to a school by students! But even when these schools have such stocks, they cannot spare parents a single term. They really exploit, and because some parents think that they have no options, they just submit to whatever these schools dictate. You imagine, because they want to make money, some dictate that there is no need of bringing food to school even on a visitation; what they are after then is the parents to buy food that has been prepared by their connection with the motive of making money. The Ministry of Education has to come out clearly on some of these exploitative measures which parents suffer.

William Kituuka

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